Retro Studios talks Metroid Prime developement

A cool little documentary from the Nintendo channel on the Metroid Prime series. Anyone else pumped for the upcoming release of the Metroid Prime Trilogy?

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  1. These guys deserve this game to sell well. I will recommend fans to buy this… Too good -.-

  2. This game will be an amazing value for anyone who has not purchased all 3 of these titles. A MUST buy for them.

    I own all 3 games and don’t see any point in rebuying them just for some waggle in the first 2 which were great without it in the first place.

    Cant wait to see something NEW from Retro…

  3. I found the original two titles unplayable. Well they’re playable, I just had some difficulty with the game cube controller. I found Corruptions control scheme to be amazing, so I can’t wait to play them with that set up.

  4. I’m with Wii Wii. I already own all 3 so there’s no reason for me to re-buy the same games. Adding Wii controls doesn’t excite me, mainly because I thought the first two played fine with GC controls. Sure MP3 is better control-wise, but again, not nearly enough for me to throw down more money for the same games. Had they added some new content, then I likely would.

    I am excited for Other M however. And I’m still hoping/praying for a DSi VC, because I would love to be able to play Metroid 2 again.

  5. Hell yeah I’m ready for is box set. When I played metroid prime 3 with the new controls I was like “I can move my cursor” just that feeling alone was good enough for me. When going back to the first two I thought the controls were very good at the time but now feel last gen. Just to push a button then a analog stick to look around felt constricting(2d). I just love to move a cursor without stoping(3d). Plus it is going to look better in true 16:9.

  6. omg why dont they make another priem game! those were liek the best thing to ever happen to metriod better than super metriod and metirod put together!!!! metroid other M SUX!!!!!!!!1 bring on priem 4 so i can play samus the way she is ment to be played in a generic fps enviornment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. retro studios is my god andthe true and only masters of metriod! wooo!

  8. Metroid Other M sux huh? I’m glad for that little tip.

  9. without question. i will probably not be seen by the light of day for many a sun rises and sets. my brother will also benefit since he’s broke and he’ll get my original prime 3 (which he still hasn’t beaten) and these guys will benefit from my purchase, so it’s a win win for everyone!

  10. What the hell!!!! “The other m” and the prime series are completely different games. Though “the other m” has first person elements it reminds me a lot of the old metroid games just in a third person view. Plus two different developers duh!!!

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