Remember how hard F-Zero GX was?


Anyone complaining about the lack of difficult games recently obviously missed this discouraging hard GameCube game. After 15 attempts, I don’t think I ever made it past the second track. I haven’t picked it up since.


  1. This was an awesome game. Sure, it took some time to get in the groove, but once you hit the zone, it was ridiculously fun. I agree though, tough, and not one you could just sit and play for 20 minutes at a time if you want to get anywhere.

  2. The game is amazing… as long as you don’t play the story mode. It made me want to throw my Gamecube out the window.

  3. Finishing F-Zero GX is definitely one of my proudest moments…

  4. F-Zero is probably one of the only Nintendo game series I haven’t played yet! I should look for one of the earlier entries on the Virtual Console.

  5. What an amazing game. This really gives me an itch to play again. I remember playing the 2nd to the last story mode level and thinking it was the end. Yeah, don’t think I ever got to beating the Actual final story mode level.

  6. Yep, really great game, one of my favorites on gamecube.

  7. Finished it. Twice.

  8. Got nowhere in story mode. Had fun with it as a party game…though I came in last nearly every time.

  9. If by “hard” you mean “fantastic”, then yes it was.

  10. I had a hard time to get used to the control scheme. But once you master it, the game is much fun. I finished it once, IIRC, but never finished the Story mode (which is damn hard).

    I don’t know if it is a Hoax, but it is said that you can unlock all racers and tracks of the AX version (the arcade counterpart of the GX) if you beat the game. It would be nice, though.


  11. I remember. Oh how I remember.

  12. Yeah, took me forever to beat it. Hated that announcer “RETIRE”

  13. anyone else unlock sum of the f zero arcade game characters (rainbow Phoenix rolling turtle fat shark)me and my brother did it is insanely hard you have to go to story mode and beat the chapters on expert.we still havent gotin everyone.

  14. I couldn’t finish story mode. That one stage where both Blood Falcon and Black Bull have to be beat. Ugh. I must have played that over fifty times…

    X-Play’s review had a very fitting reaction from Sessler when he messed up on a turn, it was similar to mine at times with the game.

    Great game though. Great graphics, and an awesome soundtrack.

  15. Story mode was the devil. The definition of “Nintendo hard”.

  16. @ Metal_Link:

    More like, “you’ve thrown your 10th controller against the wall” hard.

    No, I didn’t do that, I did slam my fist into the carpet, vowing vengeance against Black Bull and Blood Falcon….

    I swear if I ever find them………

  17. I remember the moment I beat the story mode. It took me 3 years when I finished that last race it was such an amazing feeling.

  18. I loved that game, hard and great !

  19. The worst was unlocking Phoenix, by beating the first story level on very hard. What a nightmare…

  20. so you successfully beat one track in the story mode. i guess that’s enough for infendo to write a review about it.

    Anyways yes it was a great game and i never could beat the VERY LAST race in story mode. i put so much time and energy into that game and never beat it arrrggg.

    That game deserves more praise even to this day

  21. I only ever got to Michael Chain in story mode, but beat all three cups. This is, in my opinion, the best racing game ever made. Controls like a bloody dream and still looks great to this day.

  22. mark did you unlock any one else like rolling turtle or fat shark.

  23. Forget unlocking people, I never unlocked any of the other courses in the game 🙁

  24. @ Sam:

    Well he must have beat it on normal, because that was the only way to unlock higher difficulties right?

  25. The most difficult part of this game is not Story Mode. Its Time Trial when you have to unlock and beat those damn ghosts! Everything else in the game can practically be done without using any advanced techniques but to beat most of those times in Time Trial you really need to know how to snake etc.

    However when it comes to the cups my strategy was mostly like “if you can’t beat em, kill ’em!” The key to victory is to eliminate the competition, literary 😉

  26. @Yellow Bear, I pretty much did everything else and was stuck on getting Phoenix for months. Ugh.

  27. Blake, I had the exact same problem. I remember getting stuck on a race really early on in the game, and I just gave up.

  28. I was lucky enough to have a local F-Zero AX machine to plug my memory card into and unlock the secret characters and the AX Cup. Plus the game itself had the full motion cockpit and was just awesome. Ironic that I don’t actually own a copy of GX, but I guess I can rectify that via eBay right now…

  29. I still play this. Haven’t beaten story, but I have gotten through all of the Grand Prix. I’ve been grinding the AX Cup (the easiest by far) on Master to collect all of the pilot endings.

    GET THIS!!!
    Some dude is selling a Gamecube memory card on ebay with the AX cup unlocked. That is SOOOOO hard to unlock and you can’t copy the save to another card