Next Metroid may be poorly named, but its full of story, cinematics, and “sophisticated action”


What can Metroid fans expect from the upcoming (and whimpy named) Other M for Wii? Wired interviewed Samus creator Yoshio Sakamoto to get some answers.

Within the greater Metroid series, the Other M story will tie together the stories that took place in Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion. One of my goals is to present Samus as an appealing human character, and that involves explaining a little bit about what happened in her past as well as the characters that influenced her. The story will play a big part… Of course, Metroid is a very sophisticated action game as well. Our goal is to create an experience that is seamless between the cinematics and the actual gameplay, and creating a game that anyone can play that is only playable on the Wii.

Sounds fun. But I gotta admit, I’m still not crazy about the visuals. They’re just too Team Ninja-y, you know?