Video: Metroid fan film made on a $200 budget


Video game fan films are becoming more and more of a common occurrence through the Internet. Some of these fan-made videos range from serious/pet projects to just a straight unabashed parodies. The common thread between these though is that each were made on a modest budget. Well, that is, a really, really, really modest budget that could be covered by one’s paycheck from a fast food joint.

The latest in the long line of small budget video fan films is Metroid: Encounter at Ceres Colony. The four minute short, created by a group of six friends at a budget of $200, tackles the story of Samus from the end of Metroid II all the way to her delivering the last infant Metroid to the Ceres Space Colony. As a parody, the film pokes fun at Samus’ constant encounters with Ridley and how one bounty hunter can destroy a deadly species in a matter of hours. With such a cheap budget and corny acting, this Metroid fan film is still worth a watch; the references are aplenty and chock full of classic Super Metroid soundbites.


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