Metroid Prime Trilogy coming Aug. 24 to Wii

It’s been two years, but gaming’s interstellar femme fatale is back.

Sort of.

IGN today confirmed Metroid Prime Trilogy, a single-disc repackaging of all three Metroid Prime games.

The Trilogy compilation will cost $49.99, the premium on Wii.

According to IGN, the first two games have been reworked from their original 4:3 forms to include full widescreen and 480p support. They feature the same smooth Wii controls as Metroid Prime 3.

Metroid Prime 2’s multiplayer is included, but no online was added.

Nintendo is set to release Trilogy on Aug. 24, three days before the two-year anniversary of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption’s 2007 release.

For more on Metroid Prime Trilogy, including its reworked menus and Corruption-like medal system, check out IGN’s full hands-on preview.