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Mithosk and his Zelda Project are back

If you remember a while back I reported on a fans 3D project for the Legend of Zelda. A year of work later, Mithosk, has released a small teaser trailer for his  Link’s Awakening 3D project. The music was composed by Dan Vithyavuthi, who has agreed to lend his amazing talents to help out with the fan remake Link’s Awakening in 3D. You can find the Project Blog at Mithosk blog and you ...

What if… Professor Layton was a NES game?

What if Professor Layton was a series on the Famicom in Japan. Would we have ever seen it on American shores?

Developer Responds to a “Slow” Accusation

“We’re been following the Internet chatter after our La-Mulana announcement… I want to address a fan concern that has been mentioned by blog commentators and some forums. The preview trailer we released is a flash movie that was created for publicity purposes. Its speed is different from the actual speed on Wii. Don’t worry, Lemeza’s movements on the Wii are very fast! I th...

La-Mulana is Adventuring to WiiWare in Winter

La-Mulana is a side scrolling platformer that was released back in 2005 for the PC. The game features a mixture of ‘bit’ graphics and an interface that is inspired by MSX games. La-Mulana is one of those traditional action-adventure games that will punish the player if they make a wrong move and is very reminiscent of the Castlevania and Metroid games. [via Nigoro | Nicalis | La-Mulana...

Recreating Zelda as a First Person 3D Adventure

Ever wondered what it would be like to play the original Legend of Zelda while looking through the eyes of Link? What, never? Well you’re going to find out what it’s like anyway, because some guy named Radix deemed it so. He has released a version of the game in demo form that lets you walk through a dungeon attacking various enemies from the original game in first person glory. While ...

Youtube Tuesday – Professor Layton movie

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Final Fantasy VI DS Rumor was a Fan Made WIP

If anyone remembers that article I posted a while back about a rumored remake of Final Fantasy VI? It would seem that the creation was not actually made by Square but by a very dedicated fan by the name of Edward. Spoony Bard jokes aside, it would seem that he found our article and gave us the 411 on the info. So if you are interested in his art you can check out his deviant art page. Sorry for th...

Fan made Metroid 2 remake looks awesome

DoctorM64 says there weren’t a lot of Gameboy’s in Argentina back in the 90’s, but it seems that hasen’t stopped him from remaking one of the console’s greats on the PC.  It looks great – so great I wish we could see it as a WiiWare release.  Hint-hint, Nintendo? [Another Metroid 2 Remake]

E3 WiiWare – A Collection of Good Titles

While hanging out at the Nintendo both I managed to just barely spot the WiiWare specific section. Where it had Cave Story, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, Icarian: Kindred Spirits, BIT. TRIP. CORE.,and Military Madness Nectaris. Being a big Cave Story fan, I decided to check that out first!

Mega Man 2.5D… Why isn’t Capcom Making this!?

Mega Man 2.5D mixes classic Mega Man game play with 3D. This new video shows some of the different stages and modes. Of course this isn’t being made by Capcom, and is another one of those amazing homebrew game design efforts. Mega Man 2.5D Homepage

Metroid Prime Trilogy coming Aug. 24 to Wii

It’s been two years, but gaming’s interstellar femme fatale is back. Sort of. IGN today confirmed Metroid Prime Trilogy, a single-disc repackaging of all three Metroid Prime games. The Trilogy compilation will cost $49.99, the premium on Wii. According to IGN, the first two games have been reworked from their original 4:3 forms to include full widescreen and 480p support. They feature ...

Final Fantasy IV The After Years [Trailer]

Coming out for WiiWare on June 1st, 2009.