Developer Responds to a “Slow” Accusation


“We’re been following the Internet chatter after our La-Mulana announcement… I want to address a fan concern that has been mentioned by blog commentators and some forums. The preview trailer we released is a flash movie that was created for publicity purposes. Its speed is different from the actual speed on Wii. Don’t worry, Lemeza’s movements on the Wii are very fast! I think everyone will be pleased with the finished game. Please be patient and thank you for watching.” – Takumi Naramura, Director of La Mulana

A quick response, is a good response… right?

3 Responses to Developer Responds to a “Slow” Accusation

  1. HyperPhazon says:

    As I said earlier, in-game, Lemeza (you) has no speed problems whatsoever. Still, it’s nice to know that they’re paying attention to fan concerns (unlike a CERTAIN *cough*SonicTeam*cough* development team).

  2. Andrew G. says:

    I appreciate the quick response, as it is the only thing I saw that worried me about the game. If it plays faster, then I bet everything will be gravy!

  3. jevon says:

    awesome just awesome looking. i was fine with the speed tho… idk why people complained..

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