Metroid Retrospective Part 2

Mmmmm… I loves me some video retrospectives.

Metroid Jell-O will suck your lifeforce away

Kittybot’s been busy with Jell-O. Why do I find myself wanting to blast this thing with my Ice Beam? Yes, I have one. It was the Infendo holiday gift last year.

Poll: What game are you most excited for?

There are a lot of heavy hitting Nintendo games coming this fall and winter. So we ask you Infendo nation: {democracy:12}

Metroid video retrospective

With only a month to go until Metroid Prime 3 is released for Wii, GameTrailers (via Joystiq) has a nice retrospective of the series. Are you getting psyched yet, Infendonia?

Next Generation’s top 20 games of E3 snubs Metroid Prime 3

Typo or gross negligence? Next Generation’s top 20 games of E3 list doesn’t mention Metroid Prime 3. Nor does the site list the title in the honorable mentions. Now I’m as guilty a Nintendo fanman as the next guy, but this is ludicrous. Even the hardcore gaming blogs, like Destructoid, gushed like a schoolgirl over the look and feel of Metroid Prime. I have yet to read any negati...

More on Metroid Prime 3… (hint: the controls are revolutionary)

In journalism, you really need at least three sources to comment on something before you can go to print. Ok, I kind of made that up. Back on task, there are no fewer than three pretty well known sources saying Metroid Prime 3 is the FPS game to get. The controls, simply, are amazing. The visuals, very pretty. I think we all know now why Reggie and Iwata and Miyamoto didn’t talk much about t...

Metroid Prime 3 is ‘mind blowing’

The only negative Chris Kohler of Game|Life could find with Metroid Prime 3 was some of the on screen button layouts, as fas as I could tell. The “Wired” list dwarfs the “Tired” list 4-1. Game|Life: Is Metroid Prime 3 going to be the FPS of the year? Well. Nintendo says so. I don’t think any serious person would advance such a theory unless Halo 3’s single-playe...

So you say Metroid Prime 3 isn’t online…

Metroid: One of the most innovative single player experiences ever created for a system. It spawned countless side scrolling adventures in its wake and features one of the most jaw dropping “WTF?” moments in gaming history. As with all timeless series however, it found itself in need of a remake, and today it exists as a FPS (and with good measure — Metroid Prime is the third bes...

Confirmed: No Online for Metroid Prime 3

In an interview with GamePro, it was confirmed that Metroid Prime 3 will not have online gameplay.  This will definitely disappoint many fans of the series who were looking forward to some real FPS online multiplayer action for their Wii. So, despite this bummer, we ask: {democracy:9} Click here for the results from last week’s poll.

Cat gets into the Metroid mood

This feline is getting pumped for Metroid. Will E3 disappoint him/her? We’ll soon find out.