Metroid Prime 3 is ‘mind blowing’

Samus, Metroid rawksThe only negative Chris Kohler of Game|Life could find with Metroid Prime 3 was some of the on screen button layouts, as fas as I could tell. The “Wired” list dwarfs the “Tired” list 4-1.


Is Metroid Prime 3 going to be the FPS of the year? Well. Nintendo says so. I don’t think any serious person would advance such a theory unless Halo 3’s single-player really, really bites. But this might really hold its own with shooter fans, and become the game that teaches other developers how to do an FPS on Wii. They’ve shied away from the genre since Red Steel launched to mixed reviews, but this could be the game that makes it clear that it’s not a bad idea.

Check out the whole list at Game|life in the link above. Aeropause was also impressed, and has the Gametailers demo of MP3 up today.