A CHALLENGER APPROACHES – 10 Characters That Should Be In Super Smash Bros Switch

Infendo OpEd

With the Announcement of Super Smash Bros Switch coming out this year its a good time to speculate on some of the new characters that might be in the new Smash. Of course Nintendo always manages to bring in a surprise character or two, but here are 10 characters we think should be in the new Smash game.

1.Crash Bandicoot

Crash makes a ton of sense for smash with The  N-Sane Trilogy coming to Switch in a couple of months. His moveset would translate well to the game and Activision would probably love to get Crash in Super Smash Bros Switch to get him as much exposure as possible. I know one memeber of the Infendo crew wants this to happen and as Steve says “Crash for Smash”.


Amaterasu almost feels like a character that Nintendo designed themselves. Okami Feels like a game made for Zelda fans and would be right at home on Smash. Putting Amaterasu in smash would also introduce him to a major player base that could than buy the upcoming Okami Hd.


Most people who have played Xenoblade 2 will say that Rex is the more likely character to go into Super Smash Bros Switch and they are probably right. However I found myself liking Zeke more than rex and even if its a pipe dream I really believe he would be a better character for smash than Rex.



With the Introduction of Cloud to the last Smash I believe we should also see the villan of Final Fantasy7 come to the next Smash. This might be a biased opinion as 7 is one of my favorite games ever but, you cant deny that it would be cool to to have Sephiroth take on Cloud and even Link in Smash.


I admit that I don’t know much about the Golden Sun series other than its a RPG. However it seems like a shame that Nintendo hasn’t promoted this series more and bringing Isaac to Super Smash Bros Switch is just the way to do that. If its successful we may even see a new Golden Sun game on the Switch.

6.Dixie Kong

Most people who played DKC2 have a special place in their heart for this little Kong. Her ability to gently fall by spinning her ponytail made her a master of the platforming genre, and that same mechanic would make her a really unique and interesting character. She was a rumoured Brawl fighter back in the day; it’s time for her to join the fray.


Dillon’s rolling western was a really cool new Nintendo IP that never got much traction. Part tower defense, part brawler, the game has you rolling from spot to spot, laying the smackdown on your rocky foes. With a new game coming out this year, Dillon gets another chance to shine – and he deserves to be upgraded from assist trophy to fully playable character. Plus, wouldn’t Dillon vs. Sonic just be really cool!?


Yeah, yeah, he’s too big. His move set would never work. Ya know what? Wii Fit Trainer is in smash. Any character can be given a working moveset. And to the scale argument, we’ve already seen Smash hacks and mockups that make him work. A hyper-intelligent dino leader of the space-pirates who just can’t stay dead, RIdley’s been one of those characters people have wanted since he was in the opening animation of Melee. Time to make the dream come true, and end the debate.


No, we’re not just trolling at this point. Isabelle’s a total badass. She basically runs the town while making the “mayor” run around doing all the work. She’s absolutely adorable and she even enjoys a good kart racing outing. As the breakout star of the Animal Crossing series, it’s time to see her lay the smack down on some fools in Super Smash Bros Switch.

10.Banjo & Kazooie/Yooka & Laylee

As Microsoft likes to remind us… a LOT… Banjo would be a really cool character in Super Smash Bros Switch, in part because of that sweet sweet nostalgia. Banjo Kazooie was a truly memorable N64 title that to this day is a fan favourite. The biggest issue here is legality. And that’s where Yooka and Laylee come in. Ok, so maybe getting the bear and bird away from Microsoft is too much work. Yooka Laylee literally exists for that exact reason. And honestly, either duo would be a welcome addition.

Do you have a pick for Super Smash Bros Switch that didn’t make our list? Comment down below and tell us how wrong we are!