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A CHALLENGER APPROACHES – 10 Characters That Should Be In Super Smash Bros Switch

With the Announcement of Super Smash Bros Switch coming out this year its a good time to speculate on some of the new characters that might be in the new Smash. Of course Nintendo always manages to bring in a surprise character or two, but here are 10 characters we think should be in the new Smash game. 1.Crash Bandicoot Crash makes a ton of sense for smash with The  N-Sane Trilogy coming to Switc...

Review: Golden Sun Dark Dawn a beautifully-produced adventure

Your DS is sulking: it knows you’ve got your eye on its 2011 successor. Why not indulge in some first-class RPG action to wrap up your DS’s 2010 on a high note? Golden Sun: Dark Dawn is a beautiful, finely-tuned, classic-style adventure…and I use the term “classic” here in the best sense of the word. This is video game comfort food’a perfect choice for relaxing winter evenings by the fir...

Golden Sun DS – E3 2009 Trailer

[youtube][/youtube] After six long years Golden Sun fans finally have something to jump about.