Next Generation’s top 20 games of E3 snubs Metroid Prime 3

E3 snubTypo or gross negligence? Next Generation’s top 20 games of E3 list doesn’t mention Metroid Prime 3. Nor does the site list the title in the honorable mentions.

Now I’m as guilty a Nintendo fanman as the next guy, but this is ludicrous. Even the hardcore gaming blogs, like Destructoid, gushed like a schoolgirl over the look and feel of Metroid Prime. I have yet to read any negatives about the title other than Chris Kohler’s observation that some of the in-game buttons are a bit confusing. I thought I saw the respective “fanboy” blogs over at Joystiq praising the title too, but I could have been hallucinating after my late night binge on Ralston’s 15-year-old Nintendo cereal that I keep in my cupboard.

Several great titles do make the list however, including Mario Galaxy (I would have been comfortable subbing this out for Metroid), Rock Band, Mass Effect and LittleBigPlanet (the fact that this uber-interactive game isn’t on a console like the Wii is a sin against man).

Why a game that might redefine the control scheme for one of the more popular genres out there today is not on the list is a mystery to me. I’d love to hear the editors over there explain why.