E3 Hands On: Medieval Games
“Shaketh said thy WiiMote!”


Medieval Games is like a trip to Medieval times, you have all the cool little events going on such as Jousting and sword fighting. Even, later on there is a chance to slay a Dragon, yet all this is pulled together in a nice little package. You see the game is played like a board game similar to the style of Mario Party.

The key point of this game is getting 3 people besides yourself playing it. As it is mean to be a game to bring people together, and what better way to become closer as a group then storm a castle for a princess or treasure! As you would expect with any part game there are going to be more mini games than you can shake a sword at, so be prepared for various forms of medieval activities.


Yet if you think this title is just another “kiddy” game you are wrong, according to Vir2L, a sister company of Bethesda, the game will also have references for adults. The guy told me there is a few references to Monty Python and the Holy Grail. So you can expect some Black Knight shenanigans in Medieval games.

However, while playing and  looking at the game. I heard the guy mention that they focus was to release a “quality family game that isn’t shovel ware”  in terms of quality. While this was an early build of the game, it did give me a mixture of feelings. I wasn’t exactly sure what to label this game in terms of quality. While it did have some hiccups that shovel ware would have it was still and early build of the game, so a nice level of shine would probably wash away all those feelings.


It’s an interesting title but requires some more meat then just “Shaketh” mini games. I hope they add some more content to it besides wandering around the game board waiting for the next pin the tail on a rogue game to start.

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