So you say Metroid Prime 3 isn’t online…

Metroid Prime 3Metroid: One of the most innovative single player experiences ever created for a system. It spawned countless side scrolling adventures in its wake and features one of the most jaw dropping “WTF?” moments in gaming history.

As with all timeless series however, it found itself in need of a remake, and today it exists as a FPS (and with good measure — Metroid Prime is the third best game of all time, according to media pub rankings). But it’s a FPS, mind you, that will not feature online play in its latest iteration, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. There’s been some outcry from the vocal Internet minority on this last point (as usual), but then again, Metroid was never really about playing well with others now was it?

I thought some of the comments for David’s Metroid Prime 3 Poll were too good not to include on the main page, so you’ll find a taste of some of the best — according to me — after the jump. And take the poll already.

“While this news is not the end of the world , some form of online Wi-fi SHOULD have been included. A co-op mode, a team mode, training mode”¦ something. This game could revolutionise FP games, but without any online aspect, it may fall short for many fans. Afterall, online multiplayer is a STAPLE of FP games.” — Wii-Wii.

I respectfully disagree. The control scheme is eagerly anticipated, but there is no law written that says online play is a necessity for FPS success. Unless, of course, we’re talking about the Xbox 360. Which we aren’t. If we are, I agree. About half of 360 owners have an online account, and a smaller portion of those play online FPS. But Metroid isn’t a FPS, nor is it available on the 360. It’s a different beast entirely. People even went so far as to label it a FPA, or first-person adventure, because of its exploratory nature. Metroid isn’t about fragging or teamspeak, it’s about you against the world. Alone.

“The problem is there are no decent alternative FPSs on the horizon for Wii (thanks a lot all you 3rd party bastards), but any sort of multiplayer doesn’t really work in the Metroid Universe. It’s about loneliness, not bombastic swearing at your ”˜bud’. The weapons are Boss oriented energy beams designed to wear the enemy down, not for a 20 second life between frags. The atmosphere is about eerie alien environments, not blood stained war trenches.” — elmer

I agree. I feel as though including multiplayer would have A) delayed this game indefinitely and B) not fit the style of play. Nintendo is not about to throw the small % of gamers who “need” online play a bone at the expense of one of their greatest franchises. That’s the kind of ridiculous the-world-revolves-around-me thinking that pollutes the Net these days, so just stop.

“Multiplayer on the Wii is all about inebriation and intuitive minigames. Bravo for more focus on the core of the game.” — greatslack

Many games — though not all, obviously — that feature online play often feel as though the online part is an afterthought; shoehorned into the DVD to appease, you guessed it, the small % of gamers who say it’s not a 2007-era game unless it has it. The DS has proven that single-minded things beat out multi-headed hydras that try to do everything, and I think you’ll see the same approach with MP3. Give me great gameplay and story over 5 stripped down 12-player maps (with the option to buy 5 more at the modest microtransaction price of $12.99!!!) any day of the week.

It’s sad to see Metroid fans turn away just because it doesn’t have multiplayer. — Killer Heroes

Killer, my man, no kidding! I honestly can’t believe the number of comments I read yesterday that said “no” to Metroid simply because it didn’t have something that was never really promised in the first place. I simply don’t understand that way of thinking. Are people saying they’re going to turn down what could potentially be one of the greatest first gen games on the Wii simply because they can’t get their frag on? Is a game of capture the flag that much more enjoyable than Metroid? This kind of knee jerk reaction is going to deny many people the chance to experience a great game. Infendo reader elmer answers Killer, btw, by asking if those people moaning about no mulitplayer were really Metroid “fans” to begin with. I say no they aren’t. I don’t think they really understood what the series is about, to be honest with you.

“Some people may not like playing online, but they are not the majority.” — James from BritPod

I guess if you clap harder, then it suddenly becomes true?

“Besides, it seems as if some people just want online for the sake of being online, without thinking about how it would actually fit into the game.” — reefinyateef

That’s a pretty good one to end things on. No one has yet said how online multiplayer will make Metroid a better game. “It needs online for online’s sake” fails the logic test. How will 24-players a side frag fests benefit this title and its history?

Not at all. Metroid Prime 3 will pass or fail based on its merits as a solitary gaming experience, not because people can’t frag strangers in another state with the Ice Beam.