Luigi actor Danny Wells dies at 72

Sad news to report for those who love 1980s nostalgia. Canadian Actor Danny Wells, who was known for playing Luigi in the Super Mario Bros. Super Show, has passed away. He was 72. Wells, whose real name is Jack Westelman, is the second of Mario & Luigi duo to pass away after Lou Albano’s death in late 2009. Aside from playing Luigi, Wells was an accomplished screen star and voice actor H...

Luigi 3DS XL and MiiVerse Mobile Update

According to Polygon, Japan will be receiving a 30th anniversary edition 3DS XL featuring Luigi.  The handheld, which releases on July 18th (My birthday is on the 12th **Hint Hint, Nintendo**) fro 22,800 Yen (Approximately $225.90 USD).  The special edition handheld will include Mario & Luigi Dream Team on an SD card. When I first saw the graphics on the top portion of the 3DS XL, I wasn’...

Year Of Luigi: Career Timelime

The Year of Luigi is upon us, so what would be more fitting than a timeline of his greatest accomplishments?  Although this info-graphic is not all inclusive (Mario is Missing is…uhm…missing, as well as other various sports themed games he has been in) it is still a pretty cool way of showing some love to Luigi. For most of his life, he has been best known for being “player 2R...

Miyamoto Makes His Mii Verse Debut!

Everybody loves Miyamoto, I mean I have never spoken to someone that dislikes him.  So, his absence from the Mii Verse was really quite sad. Last week, the father of Mario and Link (You didn’t know that Luigi and link were the same?  I mean, they both wear green hats and shirts, Sure their hair is different, and the noses aren’t the same, but the space time continuum can wreak havoc on...

Miyamoto Interviewed By Polygon

Today Polygon’s interview with the great Shirgeru Miyamoto went up. Although obviously on a tight PR leash, the interview makes an interesting watch or read nonetheless. Miyamoto goes over what he wants to be achieved by the imminent Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, and why Nintendo have decided 2013 should be the ‘Year of Luigi’. Amongst the other topics discussed are Nintendo&...

New Super Mario Bros. 2 Gameplay From Japan

As I mentioned in a previous podcast, I was a little worried that the New Super Mario Bros. 2 would focus too much on the coin collection, and not enough on the actual game play or storyline.  I think that I might have judged the game too soon. Japan has released two commercials that show a bit more of the game play, including a Giant Boo, a possible Koopalings chase, giant rocks falling under wat...

Nintendo Says Super Mario Bros. U is What the Fans Want

Over the years, Nintendo has allowed Mario to evolve with the times yet still allow him to retain his original demeanor.  From his 8 bit humble beginnings, to his career in the racing circuit, Mario has transitioned nicely to the new age of gaming.  For the fans, he taught us to never give up, even if the Princess is in another Castle.  Rarely are we let down by the release of a new installment in...

Super Mario: King of Swing

[youtube][/youtube] If this video doesn’t make you want to do the Mario, you have some serious problems, mister. (Thanks for the tip, Ben!)

Poll: Does anyone prefer Luigi over Mario?

{democracy:135} If yes, do elaborate in the comments, will you?

Luigi made our pizza last night

It’s a small world.

Trailer: Luigi invades Super Mario Galaxy 2

[youtube][/youtube]I’m not sure how I missed this yesterday, but I did. This one goes out to all you day-laters out there.

Nintendo trademarks Luigi’s Mansion Again! Dooo do do dooo~ Do-dooo do dooooo~??

Nintendo has recently renewed/set up a new trademark for Luigi’s Mansion. While I am pretty sure Nintendo is just making sure they still hold the rights for their titles… I think it would be nice if we happened to see a New Play Control remake of the original Gamecube title. Yet, my heart tells me not to get my hopes up. Would you like to see a remake or new play control style Luigi...

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