Year Of Luigi: Career Timelime

The Year of Luigi is upon us, so what would be more fitting than a timeline of his greatest accomplishments?  Although this info-graphic is not all inclusive (Mario is Missing is…uhm…missing, as well as other various sports themed games he has been in) it is still a pretty cool way of showing some love to Luigi.

For most of his life, he has been best known for being “player 2”, but he still holds a special place in our hearts.  Why is that?  Tell us, below, in what game you feel Luigi was at his best.  Also, tell us why you think that Luigi became so relevant in the Mario franchise, and not just another cookie cutter player 2.


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  1. DubleDex says:

    The original NES was mine. I saved up my money. I bought it. (I still have it.) The original Super Mario Bros. was mine. I got it that first Christmas I had the NES. And it was awesome. The only problem was that I had an older brother. Which means that, even though the system was mine and the game was mine, he got to be player 1.

    That’s where it started. Pretty much from that point forward, on almost any game, he was Player 1 and I was player 2. So I instantly bonded with the “other guy,” Luigi. Which was fine, because I liked his color scheme better.

    When SMB2 game around, my brother was pretty much done with most games and that wasn’t his favorite. But I didn’t need two players to be Luigi, I could just choose to play him. There were many a times I beat the game and the final tally at the end was all Luigi with no other characters used. The fact that they gave him a different sprite and slightly different abilities (jumped higher, slightly “slipperier” controls) made it that much better.

    I tend to pick Luigi in all the Mario Kart games too, regardless of whether he’s the clearly best choice for a certain track or not.

    I think they’ve made Luigi a little too much of a comic foil and buffoon lately – but that doesn’t change the fact that I like Luigi much more than Mario.

  2. Mustache Killer says:

    This time line blows. Just pictures and no game names; what’s the deal. 92-02 what no games w/ Luigi. Anyone agree?

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