Poll: Does anyone prefer Luigi over Mario?


If yes, do elaborate in the comments, will you?

27 Responses to Poll: Does anyone prefer Luigi over Mario?

  1. Archaic says:

    I prefer Green to Red, and Luigi jumps higher in Lost Levels. That’s about all there is to it.

  2. Timothy says:

    I prefer Mario just a little more. but what’s even better is both together.

  3. Tony says:

    I’m the taller, skinnier, and better looking of myself and my brother so Luigi and I can relate on that level. [=^)

    Also he’s more of the reluctant hero and that makes for a better character, in my opinion.

  4. Mohan says:

    Yes, but it’s too bad Nintendo had decided to make him have very loose control when compared to Mario.

  5. L0cky says:

    as mascot “no”
    But i prefer to play him in super mario bros 2, galaxy 1 and 2 because of the higher jumps over mario.
    so as playable char. “yes”

  6. Richard says:

    Just a bit, mainly because his voice so hilarious. His cry of, “Ohhhh NO!” in the Mario & Luigi RPGs is possibly the best sound in any game. I always pick Luigi over Mario in Mariokart and other non-platforming titles. And I agree with Tony’s comment that his role as a reluctant hero makes him a more interesting character.

    Of course, without Mario, he’d be nowhere. They’re a great team. It’s not uncommon for the sidekick to be more fun than the hero.

  7. Caleb says:

    I like Luigi, but usually choose Mario over him. I’d love to see Luigi get some more of his own games, though.

  8. reboot231 says:

    Its tough for me, i like mario in some because he seems a little faster. though i doubt he is lol. his jumps are a bit more precise because of the shorter jumps. but i love luigis personality. you dont get to see mario as a real character with a personality much as he didnt really get a game like luigis mansion (which is one of my all time favorite games) Mario is mostly start out, oh something bad happened. ok and we are off. so all in all i like luigi better. Though not by much 🙂

  9. exposicion says:

    I am a tall guy, and Luigi is too. I have always liked this fact because even though Luigi was a carbon copy of Mario, that also meant he could do whatever he wanted, EXACTLY like Mario. Also, in Super Mario Bros, I liked that Luigi was green and white.

  10. Jowahn Smith says:

    The only people who prefer luigi are the ones who grew up being player number 2

  11. Sam says:

    i always play luigi in mario kart and mario party. i dont know why but i just like him better

  12. [obscene screen name] says:

    I always like him better when I was younger because he was green, and not as fat as Mario :/.

    Consequently he became my most used SSBM character, and still has a special place in my heart today. Also in Brawl he has the superior down-b to Marios, and I like his smash attack in Brawl and Melee more too.

  13. XCWarrior says:

    At time of this post, there are 124 liars. If Luigi was more popular than Mario, than Luigi’s Mansion for GCN would have sold than 150 copies.

  14. ghettoska says:

    Jowahn Smith:
    “The only people who prefer luigi are the ones who grew up being player number 2” lmao

    Anyways yes i am always Mario in whatever game except for SSB because i generally switch it up. Luigi has never really interested me in any way (although luigis mansion was sweet) like even when i have the option, like in galaxy, i don’t even bother. Mario is definitely my go-to guy on all others (kart, strikers, golf, etc) and i must say i am shocked that mario is actually losing this poll!


  15. CM30 says:

    From a story perspective I prefer Mario, from a gameplay one due to the greater jumping abilities, I prefer Luigi.

    Never got why people think Luigi’s some deeper character though, and I’ve always suspected fan favourite characters are loved more because they match the fanbase’s insecurities in their own lives than anything really interesting about the character in question.

  16. CrusherX says:

    I prefer Luigi because my fav color is green and he is slim and tall like me. I some times use him in mario kart but never use Mario for racing. Same goes for some other games.

  17. Streex says:

    I guess this is where I say that I’m short, enjoy a good bowl of pasta and used to sport a mean stache. Mario baby. I like a character with a little bit of backbone. Otherwise I’d play Lester the Unlikely.

  18. HyperSonic says:

    He adds hilarity to the franchise, and makes for a good, loyal, and clumsy sidekick.

    I’d love to see him go toe to toe (claw?) with Bowser, and not just as an unlockable character. The closest thing I’ve seen like that is Luigi going against that robot in Luigi’s Mansion. Which is an awesome game by the way.

  19. Sal you Pal says:

    He kicked ass in Mario galaxy. Ran faster, jumped higher. Was way better than mario

  20. medz says:

    Been a Luigi fan for 23 years

  21. El Rudo says:

    Luigi is my Italian hero

  22. Milky13 says:

    I prefer Luigi cause he jumps higher in most of the 2D games I’ve played and he’s faster. ;D

  23. Cliff says:

    Luigi all the way. Because when my son and I play Mario games he always wants to be Mario and he always wants to be Luigi. So much so, that when he sees a picture of Luigi he says “Hey, it’s Dad!”

    That and…c’mon….backpack that sucks up ghosts vs one that squirts water?

  24. Ashraf_2003 says:

    I prefer the Big Mario Brother ^_^

  25. James says:

    Luigis Mansion is still one of my favorites and im still hoping for a sequal.

  26. uiliand says:

    Mario is the guy in alone adventure games. Luigi´s Mansion wasn´t that great game and I believe not even Mario could be better if he was the main character.

    I like to give a chance to Luigi in Mario Strikers and Mario Kart…

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