Miyamoto Makes His Mii Verse Debut!


Everybody loves Miyamoto, I mean I have never spoken to someone that dislikes him.  So, his absence from the Mii Verse was really quite sad.

Last week, the father of Mario and Link (You didn’t know that Luigi and link were the same?  I mean, they both wear green hats and shirts, Sure their hair is different, and the noses aren’t the same, but the space time continuum can wreak havoc on a man) made his debut on the Mii Verse.  His arrival coincided with the launch of both “The Legend of Zelda” and “Super Mario Bros, Luigi” communities.

I actually just found out about Miyamoto’s arrival to the Mii Verse today, and it seems that others had missed it too.  So, he tweeted a reminder late last evening to remind his fans.

I love that the developers are getting involved in the Mii Verse.  It adds a personal touch that you don’t really see with big companies.  I especially like it when they show off their lighter side and joke around a bit.

Are there any other developers that you would like to see join the Mii Verse, that haven’t already?  How fun do you think it would be if Gabe Newell joined and had a little back and forth with Mr. Miyamoto?

***P.S.  The Luigi/Link comment above was a joke.  However, I expect 1500 word fan fiction posted in the forums detailing how Link and Luigi are the same!  Get your typing fingers ready!

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