Decision 2008: Mario vs. Luigi


Looking good, gentlemen. Oh, and please don’t turn this into a political thread. That would be boring. (via The Daily What)


  1. wow, that’s great! i like the Goomba and Koopa as the party’s mascots.

  2. What if I choose Bowser instead? 😉

    Just kidding you guys! better vote for “Luigi” though!

    I’m italian so I don’t count!

  3. Luigi wins hands-down! (Except for when he needs to bring one hand up for a Fire-Jump-Punch!)

  4. That’s some kind of tan that Luigi picked up.

  5. So, that would make Mario’s running mate Daisy (dark hair, says cutesy things). And Luigi’s running mate would be Toad (sort of boring, always around).

  6. lol
    definitely luigi

    and politics is fun, because you cant live without it whether you like it or not. choose to take control of your life or ignore it at your peril.
    oh, and be an activist, too few people are and you wonder why things dont change.

    gamers and their complaining about the laws while doing nothing about it.

  7. Mario sure has became old.

  8. David, since Daisy’s more tomboyish I’d suggest she0s Hillary and “Mario” actually got the overly-annoying Peach. 😛

    I’m going for the 3rd candidate, Bowser!

    Does anyone else see that turkey-neck and think George Lucas?

  9. Im more of a Mario guy my self he has all the experience. Luigi has like two games Marios Missing and Luigis Mansion. Mario has at least 30 with his name on it and I guess Luigi was in probably close to half of them but lets be honest he was just present.

  10. @ ninjaluke: Most those games don’t star Mario as the main character though. Mario Party you don’t have to play as mario, so technically Luigi could be the star just as Bowser could. Same goes for all the Mario sports titles. however my vote goes to Luigi.

  11. Mario has been there and done that. He always gets the job done. He recognizes who the bad guy is, and always kicks his butt. He is very likable (except by the bad guys), He never thinks only of himself, but puts others first, He gets along great with everybody (again, except for the bad guys). He isn’t known for his speaking ability, he’s a man of few words, but his actions speak for him. He has participated in a great variety of different actions. He’s got tons of experience. He does thing his way – and it always works out.

    Luigi? He doesn’t have his name on anything, except one time, and of course that had to do with a shaky house deal or something. Normally he’s just “there”, following along in the footsteps of people who have much more experience than he does. Nobody really knows how Luigi feels about anything, and they really don’t care, as long as Mario is around.

    Seems like an easy choice to me – Mario all the way!

  12. That’s hilarious.

  13. Picture SO SAVED!

  14. Luigi owned in the debates last night. I suggest everyone see him throw red shells into Mario’s face and laugh at the ignorance of crazy Mario.

  15. LOL!
    I am definitely printing this out when I get home.

    I vote Mario – as Joshdad stated above, he always gets the job done, so he’s definitely my choice for the next X years!
    (I say X because I do not know how long Mushroom Kingdom has their job positions)

  16. I’m with Joshdad and Joltman. Mario is the better choice. Plus Mario is so old that he will probably die soon and then the Princess can be the president. And to Kannon Luigi did not pwn the debates last night. Luigi aint nothin’s but a lousy second rate chump who’s scared of ghosts.

  17. Yup gotta be mario all the way. Luigi will never be better than his big brother.

  18. And to let people know:
    I’m voting on the people I see presented before me, NOT the people behind the hats and moustaches…geez, took me a little while to see that…

  19. Luigi.


  20. i bet the only reason luigi looks younger than mario is because he uses a special face cream that prevents aging, or no they’d both look old and wrinkly

  21. Luigi HANDS DOWN MAN!

  22. So much for not getting all political. This is a great pic though, very creative and well done. I would probably pick the “real” Mario over either of those two guys though.

  23. @ SOUP you’re a retard and you suck. And to whoever wanted this to not turn all political – what did you expect – you posted a picture of mario/mccain and luigi/obama on a website for people to make comments on geeze go figure it turned all political…duh.

  24. @ Noremakk

    haha- ditto. screensaver found.

  25. Luigi has always been for the poor and oppressed.

  26. I vote Independent: Bowser! Bowser may look evil on the outside, but he is secretly Libertarian on the inside.

  27. @ Joshdad

    Brilliance, my friend. Well played.

  28. Mario has lost touch with the rest of the world while trying to constantly fight bowser. Luigi, meanwhile has spent time in the mushroom kingdom much more and has had more time to talk with the toads and see what it is that they really want.

    Luigi 08, Yes We Can!

    (Don’t flame me)

  29. yoshi should represent the green party 😀

  30. Luigi is way better! In games where you can play as him, I play him.
    I need to learn how to do Photoshop so I can make a Luigi 08 sign.
    Luigi 08!

  31. My experience has been that Mario has been a stronger fighter in hand-to-hand combat, while Luigi can jump higher and farther. Both can squash goombas and turtle drones with equal alacrity. It’s been a long time since I played it.

    I remember in the original game, I would place Mario to the far left of the steps before the castle at the end of the game. The perfectly timed jump would make Mario go to the top of the flagpole and set off all the fireworks of the castle. Really cool when that happened, especially since I could not get that to happen every time.