Classic Commercials – Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga

[youtube][/youtube] Very neat little commercial campaign.

Review: Get the real inside Story withMario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story

Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story is the third installment in the action-oriented RPG series, and when I say action-oriented you better know about “timed hits”. This time around, the game focus’s more on the King of Badness, Bowser. Something Nintendo has rarely done in previous titles unless you count Super Mario RPG the joint Square and Nintendo venture way back on t...

Youtube Tuesday – LMB Bros Luigi’s Day!

Mario makes sure Luigi gets the most out of his birthday! Have any suggestions or videos for YouTube Tuesday? Send them in at

Decision 2008: Mario vs. Luigi

Looking good, gentlemen. Oh, and please don’t turn this into a political thread. That would be boring. (via The Daily What)

Nintendo Spotting: Creepy Mario illustration

Awesome and sickening at the same time.

If Mario was a… (Nintendo marketing on steroids)

A Harvest Moon Wii tractor pull? A real-life F-Zero supersonic racing circuit at the Bonneville Salt Flats? Mario juicing for his upcoming Super Mario Sluggers baseball promotion? Nintendo will hold a pretty cool marketing promotion in NYC tomorrow as a man dressed as Mario hails cabs for Manhattanites, free of charge. What follows are just a few of the wild new Nintendo marketing promotion ideas ...

Mario Easter Eggs

Scott (or Mr Johnson as we call him) from the Infendo Radio podcast shows us that his daughter is as artistically inclined as he is.  Easter eggs adorned with Mario and Luigi’s traditional logos are to be found on his site and Flickr.  Happy Easter!

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