Review: Get the real inside Story with<br>Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story



Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story is the third installment in the action-oriented RPG series, and when I say action-oriented you better know about “timed hits”. This time around, the game focus’s more on the King of Badness, Bowser. Something Nintendo has rarely done in previous titles unless you count Super Mario RPG the joint Square and Nintendo venture way back on the Super Nintendo.

As always with Mario games since the new millennium; we get to see the small area of Mushroom Kingdom, Toad Town, as a peaceful and happy environment.  However, we all know that this peace is going to be short lived as a mysterious incurable disease starts effecting Toads everywhere. This diseases known only as the “Blorbs”  causes the Toads to bloat in size until they are huge balls capable of knocking down walls and buildings.

With this strange disease on the rise, Princess Peach, calls together a conference of the best minds in Mushroom Kingdom to find a solution to the Blorbs. However, Bowser shows up upset that he wasn’t asked to join the conference and starts a fight like usual.

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  1. It’s more fun to play as Bowser than as the Mario Bros. I now want an original Bowser game. If Wario and Peach and even Yoshi can have their own games, why can’t Bowser?

  2. I found Bowser to play very slow compared to Mario and Luigi, But I guess that is because he is an over powered Behemoth.

  3. I just finished this game yesterday. Very fun game and I liked it more than the last entry in the series. My only complaint would be that there’s so much gear, a fair amount of badges, tons of attribute-boosting beans to collect, Blitties, extra special attacks you are not required to get… and there is no way you’ll ever need all that. When I was about to go fight the final boss, I briefly thought “Well, maybe I should go back and get all the stuff I missed.” Then I thought “Nah” and proceeded to beat the boss on my first attempt. But don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying it’s an overly easy game, and I did my share of bean-hunting and gear-buying. It’s just that there’s so much of it, and not much motivation to seek it out and use it all.

    Overall, very good game and worthy addition to the Mario & Luigi series.