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UK Gets Free 3DS Games

Yes, you did read that right! Nintendo love you and they want to give you games. Unfortunately though, as with anything, there are a couple of requirements. For one you have to be in the UK, and of an age

Miyamoto Interviewed By Polygon

Today Polygon’s interview with the great Shirgeru Miyamoto went up. Although obviously on a tight PR leash, the interview makes an interesting watch or read nonetheless. Miyamoto goes over what he wants to be achieved by the imminent Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, and why

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon's 'ScareScraper' Multiplayer

Nintendo of America have released a new trailer for ‘Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon’, which is coming to the 3DS March 24th, supporting both local and online for its multiplayer mode.  The trailer is focused on the game’s multiplayer mode, ‘ScareScraper’,

EU/AU Readers: Ocarina of Time 3D Reduced on eShop

If you haven’t already seen this, the download edition of Ocarina of Time 3D has been reduced on the 3DS eShop over the past few days, until Thursday 21st this week. The usual price of £39.99 has been slashed to

Nintendo To Remove Indie Dev Office Restriction?

In the latest of a few big steps towards making the eShop a not just viable, but maybe even preferable, platform for indie games studios Nintendo may be about to drop the somewhat archaic ‘office restriction’. Previously, to receive a Nintendo

Wii U Game Price Drop At Best Buy and Amazon

That’s right folks, games such as Batman Arkham City, Zombie U, Assasin’s Creed 3 and of course, the fantastic, Funky Barn are heavily discounted on both Amazon and Best Buy. Full list here courtesy of Dealzon. Price cuts go up to $25, so if you’ve