Could Iwata’s days be numbered?

The evidence is fairly obvious- Nintendo’s change in business strategy under the leadership of CEO and President, Satoru Iwata, brought the company back from the depths. Back in the GameCube days of the early 2000’s, many had ultimately consigned Nintendo to the same fate as Sega. And, let’s face it, some of us didn’t know what the hell to think after seeing the initial DS prototype or hea...

As Starfox 64 3D approaches, take a look at the franchise’s evolution

“‘It’s the universe you’ve been longing for…’ Oh, that stinks. Don’t write that down.” – Shigeru Miyamoto That quote provides a typically fun, good-natured moment in the Starfox-centered “Iwata Asks” feature on Nintendo’s website. It’s been available since the beginning of August, but as the release of Starfox 64 3D draw...

Steel Diver discussed in a one-on-one interview between Iwata and Miyamoto

Iwata:The game play consists of “slowly moving a submarine.” For the lack of a better word, this game is very “plain.” Miyamoto:I guess so. (laughs) Doesn’t sound too compelling, but I pre-ordered it! Read on and offer up your opinion in comments.

Infendo at Nintendo’s E3 Presser

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wu0m-kWD_H8[/youtube] Ever wondered what Nintendo’s press event looked like from row 3? Then check out the event from our perspective.  Will, myself, and a few friends from around the Internet check out the presser. See our predictions, reactions, and two of our company (including Will) being the first E3 attendees to get their hands on Zelda: Skyward...

3DS promo is a dramatic demonstration, but hilarious


Iwata: Zelda possible for 2010; New DS? Not so much

Those readers hoping for a new DS design or completely new portable altogether best look away. However, those hoping for a new Zelda title on the Wii in 2010…get ready to clean your monitor!

Nintendo might offer Wii Ware Demos soon?

According to a recent Joystiq article, Nintendo is planning to start releasing demos of Wii Ware games to help promote the Wii Shop Channel. During the recent investor Q&A session, Satoru Iwata announced plans to begin rolling out demos for a small selection of WiiWare games this month. He didn’t say which region or regions would receive this service, so let’s assume it’s jus...

Nintendo likens DSi XL to Amazon Kindle

Do Nintendo’s future portable plans involve free 3G wireless for everyone? Not quite, but close, if a new report out today is any indication.

Humble Iwata welcomes new challenges, competition

Even when Nintendo president Satoru Iwata talks smack, he is humble. I expect nothing less from Nintendo’s relatively young leader, as he’s a business man that I hope many in the industry today and in the future learn from. Our games and experiences will better off because of it.

Nintendo believes there is no significant reason for an HD Wii

There is no doubt the Wii’s little 730Mhz processor and 243MHz GPU can’t fully render high definition lighting, textures, models, or resolutions. It’s just how Nintendo viewed the market when building the hardware before 2006. Big N research and development believed that the home console market users didn’t own/use a high definition display. However, coming up on the Wii’s third birthday...

Iwata, Nintendo developers dish on MotionPlus

If you’re really curious about the development process that went into creating Wii MotionPlus, aka yet another thing from Nintendo that will be in short supply this December, be sure to check out this installment of the unparalleled Iwata Asks interview series. Coincidentally, this interview also addresses and slaps down the ridiculous charge that “Nintendo should have included this al...

Fake E3 2009: Iwata announces cancelled handheld console

Ever wonder what could have been? Keep wondering. According to Chris Morris at CNBC, Iwata has said that ready-for-market handheld system was canceled sometime in the last three years. Nintendo’s global president Satoru Iwata says the company did have another handheld gaming system complete at one point in the past three years, but ultimately decided not to release it. “In the history of Ninte...

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