Steel Diver discussed in a one-on-one interview between Iwata and Miyamoto

Iwata:The game play consists of “slowly moving a submarine.” For the lack of a better word, this game is very “plain.”

Miyamoto:I guess so. (laughs)

Doesn’t sound too compelling, but I pre-ordered it! Read on and offer up your opinion in comments.


  1. Awesome quote:
    Miyamoto: “I hope that in the future, when you have to go to the city hall for some formality, they’ll ask you to submit your Mii character too.”

  2. Hang on hang on hang on, they just let this slip by: “A remake, entitled Pilotwings Resortâ„¢, is currently under development for the Nintendo 3DSâ„¢ system.”

    Here I was, thinking it was a whole new game, but it’s a remake of the SNES title? Huh?

  3. hahaa how can it be a reamke of a nes title when its on an all new place. i think its just some poor translating or something. hopefully.

  4. I love these “Iwata Asks” features. Miyamoto has the best game-design philosophy ever: “Fun Right Now.”

    That interview did it for me: I pre-ordered a 3DS today.

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