Fake alert: This is not the Nintendo 3DS


fake nintendo 3ds

It was an honest effort to dupe the internet, but this alleged photo of the still-veiled Nintendo 3DS is horribly fake. Notice the perfectly lined shadows and suspect-looking button plastic. Never mind that it looks like a Photoshoper designed it instead of an actual industrial designer. “I think I’ll hold out for the 3DS Lite,” one Kotaku commenter said in jest.

Silly fakers. You’re gonna have to do much better than this.


  1. Looks stupid, anyway.

  2. Plus, it only has one screen. I thought the whole point of the 3″DS” was to have two screens.

  3. haha yeah exactly Mark, ds means duel screen.
    whoever made this is such a fail.

  4. Oh, but hold on Mark and Sheldon.

    Let’s take a closer look at what the name “3DS” might mean.

    “3DS” is obviously a play on “3D” and “DS” at the same time. “3-Dimensional Dual Screens” would be the expanded meaning.

    But what if we take “3D” and separate it from the “S.” Then you get “3-Dimensional Screen.” It could be likely that the 3DS only has one screen and the main selling point is that the screen displays 3D images.

    Finally, in a very direct and literal interpretation, you could take the title to mean “3 Dual Screens.” In that case, this console will have 6 screens that act in pairs. It would looks something like 3 DS’s taped together.

    Obviously, the last example is completely ridiculous, but it still proves the point that we know nothing about the amount of screens the 3DS will have. We just assume it will have two screens because it’s rumored to be backwards compatible and it carries the namesake of the “DS” in its title.

  5. Actually, the official announcement from Nintendo confirmed it will be backwards compatible. I’m willing to bet my left nard that it has two screens.

  6. Even with the backward compatibility. the 3DS could only have one screen like in the example above.

  7. No it couldn’t. It it’s going to be backwards compatible with the DS, it’s gonna need two screens.

  8. From seeing the “mock-up”, or whatever it is, it shows how the one screen is split into two video signals for BC with the DS. Who knows, we might see something like this at E3…

  9. Nintendo also would want to use the clamshell design for maximum protection of these vital screens, something Sony and Apple seem to neglect in their portables, which is particularly troubling because theirs are way more expensive. It’s going to have two screens, end of story.

  10. Bad design and bad CG. I don’t know how anyone could actually mistake that for a legitimate Nintendo product.

  11. this fake mockup looks like it could have stepped out the 90s

  12. this has to be one of the most ridiculous looking fakes in the entire planet, i mean look at the thing, one screen, no speakers, huge and clunky demeanor. the point of a portable is portability, as redundant as that sounds, and nintendo knows this. nothing short of sega could have possibly thought this would have been a good idea. whoever made this insult to life, you receive an f——

  13. Several DS games required that you closed the screen, or partially closed the screen as part of the gameplay. While those games are VERY few and far between, this hypothetical design would definitely break compatibility.

    May I also suggest: Where are the shoulder buttons?

  14. hasn’t it already been confirmed it has 2 screens, but much closer together. that thing is fugly.

  15. Shut up nerds talking bout the dam meanig of 3ds so get over it