What to expect from Nintendo this year

2011 was one heck of a roller coaster ride for Nintendo fans, wouldn’t you say? After coming off what I still consider to be one of the top five games to be released on Wii in Donkey Kong Country Returns at then end of 2010, Wii owners were left with little to nothing new to play until the release of Skyward Sword. Sure there were titles to fill the void such as Conduit 2, de Blob 2, and Kirby’s Return to Dreamland, but when the “other” consoles were receiving the likes of Portal 2, Batman Arkham City, and Bastion on seemingly a weekly basis, it was tough to not look at Nintendo’s little white box with a bit of disdain.

Handheld owners didn’t feel the sting quite as strongly, as Nintendo DS even still is receiving quality titles. The year started off strongly with arguably the best Pokemon adventure to date in Black/White, and continued strongly with the release of a new handheld in 3DS. While the Nintendo 3DS was slow to gain steam, it finished very strongly with great downloadable content coupled with two fantastic first party releases in Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7.

Nintendo has to right a lot of wrongs this year. After going from record breaking drops in profit, to record breaking sales with 3DS, Nintendo seems to be on the right track. What should we expect from Nintendo in 2012? Read on to find out where the company is headed this year.

The biggest elephant in the room is what direction Nintendo will take Wii in 2012. It took a huge gamer driven campain for Nintendo to even consider giving us Xenoblade Chronicles this April, but unfortunately there is still no word on the other two Rainfall games Pandora’s Tower and The Last Story. Of the games that will actually see release, there are a few games worth mentioning.

It has been a few years since Mario’s last party, so Mario Party 9 may be met with some fanfare when it launches March 11. Even before then, players with taste for rhythm games will be in for a treat with the excellent looking Rhythm Heaven Fever on February 27. After that there is Xenoblade…and not much else.

Of course you have Dragon Quest X somewhere down the line, which is perhaps the highest profile title the Wii has left, but the game has been shrouded in so much mystery that not much is known about it, much less a solid release date. Heck, at this point, the games is scheduled for release for both Wii and Wii U, but who knows if that will continue to be the case going forward. I can entirely see Square-Enix scrapping the Wii version altogether to focus on the more powerful and capable Wii U. But then again there are 94 million Wii’s out in the wild, so who knows.

As for 3DS, things are looking up. Way up. In a few weeks, a new Resident Evil title will be released in Resident Evil Revelations on February 7. Things only continue to look up from there with Tales of the Abyss coming the very next week, launching on the same day as Tekken 3D Prime Edtion and Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games…if that kind of thing is your bag. In March you have Kid Icarus: Uprising, which although seems to be hit or miss among Infendo readers, will no doubt only continue to improve on the robust 3DS library of games.

Beyond that there is the eventual releases of Rayman Origins and Metal Gear Solid 3D Snake Eater to lead the 3DS into E3 where the remainder of the year will no doubt be mapped out.

Then there’s Wii U. Aside from a few known quantities such as Batman: Arkham City and Darksiders 2 that have already been confirmed for the console, not much has been shown outside of a few tech demos. There is no doubt that Nintendo will be viewed under a microscope after the dismal 3DS launch, but if they learned anything at all, Wii U should have a much more successful start.

The biggest hurdle to conquer will undoubtedly be gaining 3rd party support for the new console. Nintendo tends to keep its cards so close to its chest that many times developers are as left in the dark as we are as gamers when it comes to what Nintendo is doing. This time things have been different. We have been hearing rumblings as early as last April that Nintendo has been showing off early dev kits to publishers, in an effort to get the Wii U train rolling. By the time Wii U launches sometime this year, some developers will have had their hands on the console for well over a year, which bodes well for the system’s launch.

If Nintendo and 3rd parties can bring the games, gamers will come. Make no mistake. Nintendo isn’t quite ready to talk about what games they will bring to the table for the Wii U launch, but I think it might be safe to assume that a mini game collection in the vain of Wii Sports. I have a feeling that many of the tech demos shown at E3 2011 will probably make up this collection.

Which leads to what Nintendo needs to do on the online front. While the 3DS has made strides to take Nintendo in the right direction, it is still two steps behind what is possible, and what quite frankly, 2012 gamers have come to expect. While in no way do I think Nintendo should just make a carbon copy of what Microsoft has done with Xbox Live, Nintendo can most certainly take away a lot from what has been done with the Xbox 360.

Many games that arrive on the eShop or WiiWare receive little to no fanfare aside from what Nintendo sends out in their weekly email…which has to be subscribed to. As soon as the Xbox 360 is turned on, gamers are treated (or bombarded depending on your point of view) with adds for all the latest Xbox Live titles and sales and sales for some of the more popular games on the platform. It’s no wonder that many developers have begun to abandon WiiWare in favor of Steam, PSN, and Xbox Live.

Nintendo needs a way to advertise their downloadable content right in the system UI. This will be pivotal going forward as ‘going digital’ becomes more and more mainstream.

Nintendo could go one step further by releasing the aforementioned tech demo collection on the systems download store for free to get users interested in the platform, and help stimulate the systems online economy.

2012 is really starting to look like the year of Nintendo, but the cards are in their hands. It’s their game to lose. I for one am rather excited, and already can’t wait for E3 2012.

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17 Responses to What to expect from Nintendo this year

  1. Fahmy says:

    Great article Eugene. I am excited for more information about Wii U and it’s games. I hope they nail their online components

  2. Eugene says:

    Thanks fahmy. Only time will tell how nintendo does online in the future.

  3. SrCow says:

    Wow! Hope Nintendo does well. I’m excited for a new smash brothers!!!! And I would love to know what the gold and platinum gifts for club Nintendo are!! XD nonetheless great story!!

  4. gojiguy says:

    I can honestly say I’m only looking forward to two things on Wii in 2012: Super SFII Online VC, and Xenoblade.

    I might get Strider for VC as well…

  5. deepthought says:

    what do i expect? nintendo will continue to ignore me in favor of 2 other market: casual gamers and hardcore nintendo-ites.

    i never got into the wii’s games because motion games just arent compelling to me. and the heavy emphasis on more childish or light themes also isn’t my style.

    also, i’ve lost my real loyalty to nintendo franchises. i understand skyward sword is apparently great, but it simply does not look like much to me. its also just a much lighter story than i’m interested in, and one that i feel i’ve heard before.

    in the words of my hero, Barney Stinson, “new is always better.” But Nintendo keeps recycling its old games and characters without enough novelty to keep me interested.

    with my (soon to be) rebuilt pc and whatever my next console is, i find myself asking whether i want to help mute link save the gesticulating princess, again, or start a totally novel and personal adventure in SW:OR. Or to pick up the mass effect trilogy and see a real story arc that makes my decisions a part of it. or just gun down noobs with the best fps out there (bf3, in case you’re wondering).

    honestly, I’m not even sure if i’ll get another console next generation. mario and zelda on a handheld console peripheral certainly isn’t the way to sell one to me.

  6. Richard says:


    To each his own. I play Nintendo games precisely to get *away* from the games you listed, which have no appeal to me at all, despite their high quality.

  7. Hitokiri_Ace says:

    Same for me Richard. I’m excited to play the next linear Zelda game. 🙂 I don’t feel the need to have my decisions change the outcome. Books are great, movies are wonderful. I don’t quite understand the need to influence the storyline. Anyone care to explain?

  8. Tanner says:

    My expectations are probably biased from my hopefulness, but here they are:

    Wii U: Nov. Launch date with Pikmin 3 and Retro’s mysterious game. Either Steam or Origins as the online service would prefer Steam. A handful of mature and online 3rd party games. Hopefully some news or trailers of what Nintendo is planning on unveiling after the Wii U launch.

    3DS: Zelda 3DS and new Pokemon unveiled at E3. Release dates for Luigi’s mansion 2, Mario Tennis, Fire Emblem, Kingdom Hearts, GBA games to go on the virtual console. Revamp of the E-shop

    Wii: It will die….

  9. Holly says:

    Whatever online features Nintendo puts on Wii U, I’m not paying for them, plain and simple.

  10. your link is broken at the end of the article

  11. Eugene says:

    @[email protected]]{O
    Thanks for the heads up. Hope you visit my blog!

  12. deepthought says:

    @ richard and Ace

    i like the novelty of the stories in those games- never know really what to expect. havent felt that way with zelda (though i havent played TP recently).

    maybe this was less important back in the day, when games had real challenge. I will probably never beat zelda II. but so many games now feel like pressing buttons to watch a narrative. so the more involving the narrative, the better. or the more challenge the better.

    i want novel stories and some challenge. to me, nintendo hasnt provided that for a while now. zelda’s characters were interesting when i was a kid. i can’t bring myself to care about them when there are well acted and voiced characters in other games who feel just so much more real (in a fantasy sense)

    GO PATS!

  13. Lord Lemmy says:

    What about Luigi’s Mansion 2? That’s supposed to come out early on this year! (unless it was postponed or something) I really can’t wait for it, I loved the first one. Hopefully it doesn’t become a dissapointment. I have a feeling it won’t have any human like ghosts, unlike the first one. Though I hope it does, since that’s what gave the ghosts their personalities in LM.

  14. The Adza says:

    I’ve Nearly always been a own every console in a generation guy, save for the PSP, GameCube and GBA. I could have easily gone without a 360 this gen as the games I prefer to play have been primarily Wii/DS/PS3.( I hate first person shooters)

    So I’m hoping for good things with the Wii U as I will be sticking to my Nintendo and Sony philosophy, except for the Vita which doesn’t interest me much. It will be a 3DS/Wii U/PS4 generation for me. I just hope the Wii U lives up to its potential. I’m really excited for it but I honestly can’t see it being a market leader. Unless MS and Sony delay their next gen consoles to 2014 we will see the same thing as what happened to the Wii. Downgraded ports of games that won’t sell and then 3rd party support dropping off in droves until there’s nothing. I hope I’m wrong but the Wii U is going to struggle going toe to toe with the next round of consoles, and I don’t think a tablet controller is going to convince the core audience of MS and Sony fanboys to jump ship to the Wii U for games that will look the same or marginally better but with an inventory screen on the controller.

  15. Matthew says:

    Here’s hope that Nintendo delivers on Wii U. I think that this is sink or swim for them. Dreamcast or PS3 level games and success? Only time will tell. There has to be more to the Wii U then a screen on the controller. It’s up to Nintendo to show us just why Wii us is so differnt than the PS3 and XBX 360 and why we want it.

  16. Matthew says:

    ALso, one thing that will help, and Nintendo are you listening? CHANGE THE NAME OF THE CONSOLE at E3!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wii U sounds so boring, bla and lame. That is such a ridiculous name. That is worse than Wii. It just sounds so lazy, a cash-in name. I am so not excited at all for this console. Nintendo has to really show me a lot of things and show why Wii U will rock the house to get me on board . How about calling it the Super Wii?

  17. The Adza says:

    Agreed. The Wii U is a terrible name. But i don’t see Nintendo changing it. The 3DS name fits so well but causes mass confusion to the mums and dads buying them for their kids. Doing the same thing again by calling it the Wii U is only going to cause the same confusion again. Considering the confusion already caused at last years E3 with everyone thinking the Wii U was just a tablet add on. Still, seeing as it apparently works with Wii remotes and the like it does make sense. And of course they will be going after the casual market again.

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