Iwata Asks

Nintendo lists Pikmin 3 for March 2013 release

It has been mentioned before on Infendo Radio about the possibility of Pikmin 3 missing the Wii U’s launch date. During a recent edition of Iwata Asks interview, the company confirmed that Pikmin 3 is listed for release during March 2013, which fits in line with the Wii U “launch window.” Again, the news isn’t all surprising, considering Nintendo may want to spread out more...

Iwata asks is all about the music!

In the latest edition of Iwata Asks, Satoru Iwata sits down with video game composers Koji Kondo and Mahito Yokota and talks about the soundtrack for the upcoming Ocarina of Time remake for the Nintendo 3DS. As usual for Iwata Asks it is a very interesting read, but one part managed to grab my attention:

Steel Diver discussed in a one-on-one interview between Iwata and Miyamoto

Iwata:The game play consists of “slowly moving a submarine.” For the lack of a better word, this game is very “plain.” Miyamoto:I guess so. (laughs) Doesn’t sound too compelling, but I pre-ordered it! Read on and offer up your opinion in comments.

Iwata Asks sparks an Infendo question

In a recent edition of the Iwata Asks series, Satoru Iwata interviews Hisashi Koinuma of Tecmo Koei.  In edition to talking about the upcoming 3DS game Samurai Warriors Chronicles, they also chatted up a bit about how Koinuma was introduced into gaming. His story got me thinking about how I first became interested in video games. My first memories of anything relating to video games is from my da...

Paper Mario

The latest Iwata Asks is a wealth of cool Nintendo info. In addition to yesterday’s revelation that the 3DS would benefit from a Super Mario Bros. title “ASAP,” we also were given access to some of the very first design documents that Miyamoto and his team used to create the original Super Mario Bros. No Photoshop or similar software here, folks—just pure paper Mario!

RIP “Touch Generations”

In the latest 3Ds installment of Iwata Asks, it is revealed that “Touch Generations”, Nintendo’s branding of games such as Nintendogs, Brain Training, and others, will no longer be used. Iwata: When I proposed that at an inner-company meeting where we would decide our policy the other day and asked if it was okay, everyone immediately agreed. (laughs) What do you think? Was this ...

Nintendo news round-up

Yippee-kai-yay, Mario lovers. – Following the news that Wii Fit helped a UK mom of two overcome her Parkinson’s symptoms, Wii Fit makes news again as playing it helped another British mom of two recognize the symptoms of Parkinson’s. ( DailyMail ) – Iwata asks, laughs, and reveals more juicy details about the 3DS, such as its 3D camera capabilities, StreetPass, SD card stor...

Juicy tidbits from Iwata Asks: Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo has posted the transcription of another session of “Iwata Asks”, the ongoing roundtable discussions featuring Shigeru Miyamoto, Shigesato Itoi, and Satoru Iwata. You can read through the whole interview here, but we’ve also collected a few juicy excerpts from the discussion here for your ravenous consumption.