RIP “Touch Generations”

In the latest 3Ds installment of Iwata Asks, it is revealed that “Touch Generations”, Nintendo’s branding of games such as Nintendogs, Brain Training, and others, will no longer be used.

Iwata: When I proposed that at an inner-company meeting where we would decide our policy the other day and asked if it was okay, everyone immediately agreed. (laughs)

What do you think? Was this a successful branding idea or did you ever even notice it?


  1. I honestly don’t care. I buy a game if it looks good, not if it’s got a certain label on it.

  2. can’t say it was UNsuccessful

  3. I noticed, but it wasn’t necicary. It didn’t make me decide to buy the game.

  4. Im writing the comment from my DSi internet. Now TG would have been a great idea if they fallowed thugoh with it and really acted like “you should buy TG beacuse there fun and easy and everyone can play” insted there all “TG isToo Good for advertizment”

    Also, I really wish that they kept doing TG for the wii.

    Favorite TG game? Presonal trainer walking

  5. I think they just should have called it the Lisa Kudrow collection.

  6. I didn’t notice. Nintendo needs no additional brands to have a product be noticed, anyway – if it says Nintendo, it’s probable it’s a quality product.

  7. I know that I would look for the Touch Generation logo when shoppping for the wife. It was definitely geared toward the casual gamer. Kinda sad to see it go 🙁

  8. I noticed it but it never affected my purchases. Probably a worthwhile branding idea, even if it ultimately had minimal impact, since Nintendo needed to grab mindshare for its new product and associate the DS with touch technology and not just “the next gameboy.”

    Touch technology was definitely more interesting to me than the impending 3D is. From guitar simulators to lawyer and surgery games to language teaching software, touch technology was fantastic. About half of my DS games rely on touch technology for their interface. Great novel stuff.

  9. I like TG, It was sort of an original DS thing though however. It kind of makes sense for them to abondon it. Especially now that the 3DS is nearing launch. Who knows? Nintendo may have something else in mind for 3DS that is expanding on TG. It seems like Nintendo has not really shown what the gyrosensors and tilt functions can do on the 3DS yet. It coudl be possibel that they will focus a certain brand line of games like TG for 3DS that focuses on the Tilt and gyrosensors of the system. My favorite TG games woudl have to be Nintendogs. I am looking forward to that on 3DS. It is nice Nintendo is making a new one. That coudl be a system seler for the casual crowd who loved the original.

  10. Here is a slogan for the new TG for 3DS. Shaking is good. 🙂 LOL

  11. I noticed it and liked it back in the day when Nintendo had the only touch screen gaming system… It doesn’t make sense now that touch screens are the rule rather than the exception in portable units.

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