Iwata Asks sparks an Infendo question


In a recent edition of the Iwata Asks series, Satoru Iwata interviews Hisashi Koinuma of Tecmo Koei.  In edition to talking about the upcoming 3DS game Samurai Warriors Chronicles, they also chatted up a bit about how Koinuma was introduced into gaming. His story got me thinking about how I first became interested in video games.

My first memories of anything relating to video games is from my daycare center La Petite where I played Castlevania on the NES when I was four. I immediately begged my parents for a ‘Nintendo’ for what felt like a lifetime until finally one glorious day my parents came home with a second hand console, complete with Super Mario Bros./Duckhunt, Ninja Gaiden, two controllers and a Zapper. I was hooked for life.

So tell us world of Infendo, how did you find every body’s favorite pastime, video games?

Eugene lives in New Mexico and has been a life long gamer since getting his hands on an NES. Always partial to Nintendo, Eugene has made it a point to keep informed on all things Mario.


  1. THe sega megasystem.
    I remember my dad inroduced me to it. He stayed awake all night one night because i was crap at it, and beat it except the last level so i could do it!

  2. Atari- moon patrol. 5 years old. i was mesmerized!

  3. SNES with Super Mario World. I was 6 at the time and didn’t even know such a thing existed.

  4. We had an NES for as long as I can remember. My first games were the three Mario games, Double Dragon, Battle Toads, Zelda, Mega Man. You name it we had it. But we ended up giving our NES to our babysitters family as they had nothing for Christmas hat year. However we ended up with a Sega Genesis so my brother and I never really participated in the console wars. We are Nintendo fans first and foremost but we support good games and that’s it.

  5. I was banned from getting a video game until I was about 9 when in 2005 I bought a Nintendo 64 with Super smash Bros., DK 64, and Toy story 2, at a consignment sale. By that Christmas I had most of the good stuff, Banjo Kazooie, OoT, Mario 64, Majora’s mask, Mario party, stuff like that. Within 2 years I bought a Wii, then A DSi Xl, And on March 27th I’m geting a 3DS!!!

  6. I used to watch my older brother play video games. Then I figured out how to play them myself. I was around 4.

    Ah the good old Nintendo Entertainment System, what fond memories I have of you.

  7. When I was 7 or 8, like 2 block from my house was an Arcade full of those awesome games, I remember when my dad was asleep I took money fro his pockets to play in the arcade…Sorry dad. From there i was hooked to this day.

  8. The day my dad brought an Atari home with Combat, Basketball, and Empire Strikes Back.

  9. My grandparents had my uncle’s good old black and white gameboy, with a Mario game (Seven coins I think it was called?), Tetris, and Final Fantasy adventure… FFA helped teach me to read XD. I finally saved up and got an advanced, and later got a DS. Never got a console game since my parents didn’t like those.

  10. @Curlystraw. Pokemon Crystal taught me how to read.

  11. My Gpa had gotten an NES back in.. 1988ish, and showed me how to play. By the time I was 2 I was beating Mario Bros., and was hooked. Me and Gpa… Good times…

  12. When my mother was doing her baby sitting job back in late 80s to early 90s I was exposed to an NES, and I had loads of fun with SMB and Duck Hunt with the kids she was baby sitting (all were around my age). So I asked my parents for one, but never got one. Then years went by. Around the generation of SNES, I used to go to over a friends house every weekend and play SNES with him, and one day when I got back home to my surprise my father had bought an SNES (the one that came SMB World and two controllers), and it was all downhill from there (I kid). 😀

  13. I was grown up on the N64, the special edition Jungle Green console with Donkey Kong 64. Playing Super Smash Bros, Rampage: Total Destruction, Banjo Kazooie, and Mario Tennis. My mom now regrets selling it, but not enough to buy another one. 😛

  14. my first game experience was pokemon blue, it was my brothers game. my first game however was the pokemon yellow, i got the one that game with a special pokemon gameboy color, i still have it too.

  15. Well, my first experience with video games was when I got an original style Game Boy with the two Super Mario Land games. I think they were the bundled versions which were released after the seperate game releases, but never the less, they made me interested in Mario as well as Nintendo as a whole.

    I still remember those games like they were new… getting stuck on Super Mario Land and not being able to beat the first boss (it was this Sphinx type thing fought in the same way as Bowser from SMB 1, I can’t remember the complex name it had), as well as Super Mario Land 2, which I found the better game, despite finding some of the bosses like the three pigs really difficult to beat.

    My first experience with a home console was with Super Mario 64 on the Nintendo 64.

  16. It was a home Pong system that first got me hooked. That was followed by an Atari 2600 and TI 99/4a computer.

  17. My older sister already had an original Nintendo Entertainment System by the time I was born, so I’ve been playing games for as long as I can remember. Once, when I was about six, I was playing Rainbow Islands and got so mad, I threw the controller and screamed! My Mom, who was quite frustrated by my frequent gaming aggression, saw what I did and said, “That’s IT! The Nintendo has got to GO!” Then she tore the NES out of the wall and hurled it down a flight of stairs! I was in utter shock! My mother is always so kind and sweet, I had no idea she was capable of something like that! But surprisingly enough, the system still WORKED! Nintendo sure knows how to build sturdy consoles! My mother apologized later for showing that kind of violence, but I never held it against her. Now we can all look back at it and laugh! ^_^

  18. One of my first memories is of going as a whole family to pick up the NES my mom had won in some drawing. I think I was about five, and the NES had been out for about 4 years… it was still hot stuff. Everyone in my family has been a gamer since… except for mom, ironically.

  19. My dad brought me home a SNES when I was 5. It came with Super Mario World, Donkey Kong Country 2. A tank game and a helecopter game. I fell in love

    When I had my first communion (grade 2) my aunt and dad got me a nintendo 64 with super Mario 64 and Mario kart 64
    Again, I fell in love

    When I was 12 I got a gamecube for Christmas. It came with super Mario sunshine, and I already bought animal crossing for it. I was so happy when I had my gamecube. My friends would always come over and find me playing it lol.

    Finally, after I had gone though a bad break up with my exgirlfriend, my dad came home one day and surprised me with a wii he found (because they were always sold out)
    I only had excite truck, but I still played gamecube games and bought stuff on the virtual console.
    The wii helped me get over my ex lol

    So there’s basically my lifes story when it comes to this. I’m going to go play my wii now, and one of the many games my current gf has got me because she’s so damn incredible

  20. I started gaming with a handheld actually. My brother got a GBA, so I just had to get one as well. I saved up for like a year, and I bought it. I borrowed games from my brother for a bit, and bought a few crappy games, but I didn’t care. I eventually bought some really good ones, like DKC and Mario World.

    After that, my family was given a N64 which was semi-broken. We kinda had to put pressure on the controller plugs in the controller 1 socket. The connectors for the controller wouldn’t connect unless we did this. It came with some of the greatest games ever. OOT, and Mario 64! This solidified my love of video gaming forever!

    Technically I was a solely a PC gamer until the point I got a GBA, mostly playing games that my older relatives handed down to me. I played older games like Sim City 2000, Mechwarrior 2, X-wing vs. Tie Fighter, and Test Drive 4. So I guess THAT’s really how I got into video gaming.

  21. I guess I became a gamer when I got the Gameboy micro and it came with Crash of the titans, and then later bought a Gameboy advanced SP so I could play pokemon with my friends and then after being hooked I Bought a DS lite from a friend and later sold that and my GBA SP for DSi, thats pretty much my whole story, excluding a bunch of crap games.

  22. My dad bought the Magnavox Odyssey, the original one with plastic overlays that went over the TV, in 1972. I vaguely remember playing it with him (specifically Tennis and Simon Says) between then and when we moved in December 1973; I would have been 3 or 4. I don’t think we ever set it up in the new house, but he was pretty sick by then.

    A year or two after he died, there was a church bazaar in a school gymnasium. Someone brought a minicomputer with a green screen display and a light pen, and charged kids a quarter to play a lunar lander simulator. I pretty much had to be dragged away from it kicking and screaming.

    So by the time I was 9, when a Space Invaders machine showed up at the little mall arcade where I played pinball, I was already hooked.

  23. used to play double dragon at a friend’s house.

    got a NES as a surprise gift from the parents with mario 2 and zelda 2 one day. best nes memories are zelda, final fantasy, startropics and world cup soccer. great stuff. also got a NP subscription soon after getting the NES, which helped keep me stoked on gaming.

  24. My earliest gaming memory is from when I was around three years old. I remember being in my parents room and having what we called a chinese nintendo with a cartridge that loaded games from a menu. I thought Ice Climbers were witches with brooms, Excitebike was hard as crap, and I loved a space shooting game that had a ship that transformed into a robot.

  25. When I was an a baby, my mother would prop me up on the console of the Ms. Pac-man arcade machine while she played at the laundromat she always went to. That was circa 1981. I remember getting Pac-man, Ms. Pac-Man and ET for the Atari 2600 when they were NEW (hey, I still have that 2600!) I remember playing my uncle’s Intellivision, spending countless hours playing Frogger, Breakout, and some knock-off of Space Invaders, circa 1985. Unfortunately, my first encounter with a Nintendo console wasn’t until 1987 (maybe ’88 or early ’89) at my friend Jason’s birthday party. He got an NES that Christmas before, and I seem to remember playing Rad Racer and RBI Baseball before anything else. I got my own NES Christmas of ’89, one of the Action Sets that came with the double cartridge of Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt. Best Christmas ever.

  26. That’s interesting because I think that the first video game I ever played was Castlevania at the local Sears store. I was very curious, but I never imagined actually owning a video game system. It just seemed so foreign at the time. I was probably 8 years old at the time and didn’t finally get an NES until I was 10.

  27. My video gaming started at the arcades… I did not own a console or handheld gaming device until the Nintendo 64 came about!

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