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Throw Hands Like a Champ: ARMS Tips & Tricks

So you wanna be the next ARMS champ, huh? Wear the belt, have the screaming fans chanting your name? Then listen up kid. These are some quick tips to get those Arms of yours in top form.   Buttons or

Ohio State University Marching Band Pays Tribute to Video Games

Back when I was in Band, We played a lot of John William’s works as well as a bounty of Louie, Louie, and Smoke on the Water.  The Highlight of my marching band career was playing the Hokey Pokey before

Proposed Bill to Require Warning Labels on Video Games

Although this is not Nintendo Specific news, it could affect all NoA Fanboys and Girls just the same. RepublicanCongressman Joe Baca of California and Frank Wolf of Virginia have proposed a bill that would require video game developers to include

Video game consoles numbered among “extinct gadgets” in 10 years

In addition to stand alone GPS, recordable optical discs, e-readers, low-end digital cameras, and DVD players, Yahoo Shopping predicts video game consoles will also be extinct by 2020. Popular video game systems such as the Wii, PlayStation and Xbox may

Iwata Asks sparks an Infendo question

In a recent edition of the Iwata Asks series, Satoru Iwata interviews Hisashi Koinuma of Tecmo Koei.  In edition to talking about the upcoming 3DS game Samurai Warriors Chronicles, they also chatted up a bit about how Koinuma was introduced

Popular game blog deblogs itself, forgets that people like scrolling

I unsubscribed to Kotaku last year. Nice folks and all. It’s just their coverage became too esoteric for my liking and not as fun or game-focused as they used to be (same goes for Joystiq). In any case, Kotaku launched