Custom Zelda-themed Wii on eBay

A beautiful fan-modified Wii is on sale over at eBay right now. At the time of this writing, it’s up to $700 with 29 bids and ends in about 8 days.

Included in this piece is a custom LED mod for the disc slot as well as backlighting for the Triforce and shield, all of which are powered by the Wii itself (the Triforce backlight even has a quick disconnect which allows the system to still be detachable from the stand). The sword and shield are part of a limited edition Zelda soundtrack, which itself is also included in the auction, and the Triforce is from New York’s Nintendo World store. The guy even went to the effort to paint the Gamecube ports’ plate, and matched it to the original NES Zelda cartridge’s gold sheen.

The Wii itself is in fully functioning condition, and an undisclosed portion of the final auction price will be donated to Child’s Play, the children’s hospital charity. Tap the source to view the auction and many more pictures of this lovely thing.