Paper Mario

The latest Iwata Asks is a wealth of cool Nintendo info. In addition to yesterday’s revelation that the 3DS would benefit from a Super Mario Bros. title “ASAP,” we also were given access to some of the very first design documents that Miyamoto and his team used to create the original Super Mario Bros.

No Photoshop or similar software here, folks—just pure paper Mario!


  1. Would love to see a Mario game with `hand’ drawn graphics!

  2. Tee-hee. That looks cool. 🙂

  3. Do know what I would pay to have that document hanging up in a frame on my living room wall? It’d be like owning a piece of the Dead Sea Scrolls or something…

  4. That’s so cool! This would go for SOOO much on Ebay! They really should do a mario or zelda with that asthetic.

  5. Soooooooo glad up wasn’t jump.

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