Miyamoto states the obvious, still makes news

184_15743_miyamoto-best-to-come_200x2Leave it to the trigger-happy video games media to take generic quotes from an industry master and turn them into a story. Case in point, this happened over the weekend:

Miyamoto: “My best is yet to come”
Nintendo general manager wants Wii 2 to be “unique” and hints at new Starfox

New Star Fox! Wii HD, could be cool! Cats and dogs living in harmony! Naturally, none of these fantasies will be happening anytime soon.

Of course, the interview was far less exciting than gaming pub MCV would have you believe. Miyamoto did mention a Wii successor, but only in the roundabout corporate PR speak way that any sane gaming hardware executive would answer such a question.

Technology is always evolving and Nintendo, just like other companies, is going to integrate those technologies into our new products as they develop,” Miyamoto added. “Whether that be a Wii HD, Wii 2 or an entirely new console, I am not in a position to say at the moment.

He said Wii HD! It must exist! He also said “Star Fox” in the same interview! It’s totally going to be shown at E3!

Actually, all he did was this:

When GamesTM told Miyamoto that they’d love to see a new Starfox game for Wii, he replied: “Me too.”

The real meat of the story, to me, is that Miyamoto still appears very passionate about gaming, especially at Nintendo.

“In the past five years I’ve been working on such unusual titles like Wii Fit Plus and Wii Sports Resort. Ten years ago I could never have been able to imagine that I would be making games like that. That’s why I can say that the best is yet to come to me.”

Indeed. As Destructoid noted the other day, 2010 could very well be the year of the Wii. As the Xbox and PS3 try to find their motion control legs, the Wii software lineup—both confirmed and all-but-confirmed titles—is impressive and could really hit a stride this year. A new portable will be revealed at E3. Mario and Zelda console titles could see releases in the same calendar year. JRPGs may storm the Wii as smaller devs test the waters. Metroid, whatever the final result may be, will blast onto the scene this summer.

Monsters will be hunted, my wallet will suffer. I’m happy to oblige.