Nintendo news round-up

Yippee-kai-yay, Mario lovers.

– Following the news that Wii Fit helped a UK mom of two overcome her Parkinson’s symptoms, Wii Fit makes news again as playing it helped another British mom of two recognize the symptoms of Parkinson’s. ( DailyMail )

– Iwata asks, laughs, and reveals more juicy details about the 3DS, such as its 3D camera capabilities, StreetPass, SD card storage, and Nintendog eyeballs in this continuation of the Iwata Asks roundtable. ( )

– Video of the 3DS in action at CES! Obviously, it’s a video so you can’t really see the 3D effect terribly well, but I’ll take as many Ds as I can get. ( CNN Fortune)

– On 1/11/11, we announced the two winners of the Infendo t-shirt giveaway! One has already stepped forward and claimed their coveted prize. If the other was you, please let us know. Help me… help you. ( Infendo )

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