Shaun White Snowboarding to use Wii Balance Board


The curious-sounding Kombo has the scoop:

During Ubidays 2008, Ubisoft revealed that its upcoming snowboarder, Shaun White Snowboarding, will be coming to Nintendo Wii. More exciting, the publisher revealed that the game will support Nintendo’s Wii Balance Board. Although members of the press were not allowed to play the game at the event, an Ubisoft representative was on hand to demo the setup. The game is played with both the Balance Board and Wii-mote, using the latter to control tricks.

Foot controllers, here we come?


  1. Well, Ubisoft has had its moments. I’m guessing this might be one of them.

  2. Screw foot controllers I just had a look at the trailer for the new Rabbids Game BUT CONTROLLERS FTW!

  3. Just wish that I can use more than one board.

  4. I’m still waiting for a 1080 snowboarding announcement, but depending on how this game is I may or may not buy it.

    The sledding looks pretty cool in the Rabbids game.

  5. Winter sports seem to be perfect for the balance boards. Snowboarding, skiing, sledding, luge, bobsled…

  6. Awesome. I’m pretty sure I’m gonna screw my wallet and get Wii Fit, so any future games that use the peripheral are more than welcome, especially if they rock. AND, I’m willing to give them time to appear.

  7. So quick question. I never snow boarded in real life, but I felt a little unnatural in the Wii Fit mini game. Are you suppose to only stand one way on the board while snowboarding?

    They make you stand a certain way (I’m guessing right handed, left foot forward) but I felt odd. They didn’t allow you to change to orientation of the board to allow you to stand with your right foot forward.

    If this game has that capability I’m all for it.

  8. @rushli0n
    Normally if you’re right handed, you’re left foot forward and if you’re left handed you’re right foot forward (I think), but then you can ride “goofy” which is just riding the other way (right foot forward for righties and left for lefties).

  9. Well in Wii Fit, it seems like you can only ride with the LEFT foot forward. This is very unnatural for me and I wish they had the option to change to “right foot forward” mode for Lefties.

  10. rather play “skate it” when that drops

  11. the balance board is a great idea.. base on innovation unlike sony and microsoft which is based on seing sweats on characters or better dvd play……keep the innovation going

  12. la wii blance board è fighissima raga compratela!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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