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Shaun White Snowboarding: World Stage Announced

Shaun White Snowboarding for the Wii had good visuals, awesome use of the Wii Remote’s motion sensing capabilities, and the best implemented Wii Balance Board support seen yet on the console.  If you liked it, get ready for more: Ubisoft

Wii AccessoryPlus? A rumination on white plastic with Jack & David

David: Wii MotionPlus = $20? Yeesh. Jack: when people actually use it, that’s going to become a sweet spot price point my prediction anyway David: yeah, but is it just another zapper? an afterthought for devs? games won’t ever require

Wii Shop Channel Monday – Snowboard Riot, Lonpos, and Sonic Chaos

The groundhog came out of the ground and decided it wanted more winter to going snowboarding.  This week we get a Balance Board compatible game from Hudson called Snowboard Riot and Nintendo brings us a new puzzle game, Lonpos.  The

Google surfs the Earth with Wii Balance Board

You may have seen this in the Infendo Newsletter today, but here’s the scoop if you missed it.  A developer at Google tapped into a few apps and wrote some code of his own to allow the Wii Balance Board

Infendo Radio 127 – Turkey Talking Time

Okay, so maybe we don’t talk about turkeys or the country of Turkey this week, but Kyle, Will, and I do discuss Play It On Wii, whether or not Super Mario Bros 3 is better than Super Mario World, the

Review: Shaun White Snowboarding welcomes Balance Board riders

As promised, here is my review of Shaun White Snowboarding for Crispy Gamer. A game that’ll make you proud to own a Wii Balance Board… Despite its limited content, Shaun White Snowboarding: Road Trip excels where the other versions fail