Wii AccessoryPlus? A rumination on white plastic with Jack & David

David: Wii MotionPlus = $20? Yeesh.

Jack: when people actually use it, that’s going to become a sweet spot price point
my prediction anyway

David: yeah, but is it just another zapper?
an afterthought for devs?
games won’t ever require the damn thing.

Jack: all i can say is it will be different this time. and that Nintendo might counter that trend by having publishers include it with games as a bundle
voila, problem solved

David: I think they’re going to treat it like their other accessories.
the Nunchuk is the only successful Wii add-on.

Jack: it was included in the box though

David: they’ll put it out with one game and then ignore it. Zapper, Balance Board, Wii Wheel
oh wait, you can use the Wii Wheel with Excitebots

Jack: believe me. when people play around with this thing, and it starts to create some buzz, then you ‘ll also start to see MS and Sony ramp up their rumor machines about their accessory
the balance board continues to top lists though. how is that a failure?
plus, EA is going to have a big fitness push this summer with their new exercise game

David: i’m just saying from a “buying in” perspective. I still haven’t bought a Balance Board because there aren’t games that use it that appeal to me.

Jack: and the zapper, well, that’s not really an accessory, just like the wii wheel isn’t. neither adds anything to games, and there are no games that are designed specifically for them
i don’t use my balance board either. but that’s irrelevant to the fact that there IS a market for it.

David: right, Wii Fit requires the board, so that’s a little different. I’m just saying I’d like to see more 1st party support from Nintendo for their own plastic. They should be going nuts with WiiWare minigames for the Board and the Zapper.

Jack: i see MotionPlus as a risk, sure, but there will be games that are simply impossible to play on other systems that will be designed from the ground up for it. Related to the Balance Board, we may not understand it (and that includes many of Infendo’s readers), but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a market for it. This is proven by the month-over-month top 10 sales finishes
it all comes down to how the Wii was first introduced, and how it surged in popularity: word of mouth and people putting the controller in their hands and experiencing it for themselves
the same thing will happen with MotionPlus, and I see Tiger Woods (a third party title, of all things!) leading the way

David: well, let’s see what our readers think…