Miyamoto to gamers: Go outside! (and online Wii Fit is coming soon)

250_wii_balanceboard_20070711_01.jpgNintendo guru Shigeru Miyamoto realizes there are parallels to be drawn between Wii Fit and real, live actual exercise, so he wants to make sure you understand that there’s no substitute for going outside and “moving around.”

“Spending too long, staying in and playing any video game is not good,” said Miyamoto. “I always tell my children to get out on a sunny day and I, myself, went jogging in Central Park yesterday. But I do my stretching on Wii Fit. They work together.”

This is just a sample of what amounts to a pretty good interview with Miyamoto. Take a look when you get the chance. Another sample: “Web-enabled Wii Fit Balance boards will be hooked up to the internet to enable users to compete live against anyone, anywhere. If Miyamoto has his way, we’ll all be doing press-ups at dawn and comparing ourselves with millions of others.”

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