The most influential game blog endorses Wii Fit

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.From the hilariously entitled It’s Shocking, We’re Pissed, Wii Fit Sorta Works by Brian Ashcraft of Kotaku:

The Balance Board games on Wii Fit actually are pretty great. If you can still stomach mini-games (ungh), then these games are entertaining and, in a way, more fulfilling than Wii Sports… When I saw Wii Fit at E3 last year, I hated it. Really, really hated it. And when I bought it for this feature, I still hated it. Then I started using it, and the hate started dissipating. Nintendo’s doing its own thing now, for better or worse. And taking Wii Fit for what it is, the game works. My wife and my kid really enjoy it, and it’s a horrible cliche, but playing it with them has been good fun.

Glad to hear it. You guys know I’ve been itching to play the ski jumping mini-game since E3 last year, as well as reanimate my interest in fitness. [FIXED HEADLINE]