Game Boy

Best map ever?

So says Gaming Bolt. Sadly, I cannot say I played this game. (Don’t ask. 1993 was a bad year for me.)

Top 3 Nintendo libraries that need a 3DS overhaul

Of  all of the amazing 3DS demos Nintendo showed at E3, one of the most overlooked was a 3D port of the classic arcade shooter Xevious. It featured no new graphics or gameplay elements, levels, or power-ups – it was a direct simple port of a definitively 2D game, slightly tweaked for depth perception. The result? The game looked a little more fresh – the ground far below the aircraft… actua...

Game Boy the original Brick of Soap?

I was stumbling around Etsy last night and happened to come across a very interesting find. Soap in the shape of an original Game Boy. From the description on the page… (The) Game Boy Soap is the same size as the actual Game Boy. It was a tremendous amount of work and it shows in its very realistic details that were painstakingly created – from the buttons, the letters, the screen, and...

What if Pokemon Red and Blue were…

…a 3D game? Thoughts Infendo?

Mithosk and his Zelda Project are back

If you remember a while back I reported on a fans 3D project for the Legend of Zelda. A year of work later, Mithosk, has released a small teaser trailer for his  Link’s Awakening 3D project. The music was composed by Dan Vithyavuthi, who has agreed to lend his amazing talents to help out with the fan remake Link’s Awakening in 3D. You can find the Project Blog at Mithosk blog and you ...

If you ran Nintendo, what would you do with the Game Boy line?

In 2005, Nintendo released the last Game Boy, the Game Boy Micro, which was an miniaturized version of the popular Game Boy Advance. That same year, the Nintendo DS had already began its surge as the most popular gaming system in the world. We haven’t heard a peep from the Game Boy since.

Read “20 Years With The Nintendo Gameboy” if you haven’t already

In case you missed it: The internet’s retro gaming assassin compiled a full retrospective of the beloved Game Boy, which turned 20 in April. With so much culture revolving around a two decades-old piece of hardware, it’s clear that the Game Boy is more than just a gaming system. It’s a common link; A symbolic piece of shared history amongst both gamers and non-gamers. A good read.

Happy 25th birthday Tetris!

Tetris was created 25 years ago today by Alexey Pajitnov.  Five years later it would help sell millions of Game Boys cementing the handheld as a massive success for Nintendo.  So happy birthday Tetris!  Share your Tetris memories with us in comments.

Game Boy Timeline

After 20 years, the Game Boy really hasn’t changed that much, as this nifty timeline shows. Head on over to Gizmodo for a full resolution image.

Oh, the Game Boy turned 20 today

Happy 20th, you little game changer, you. Often imitated, never duplicated, you still rule even in lite (sic) of your offspring’s wild, wild success.

MithosKuu’s 3D Links Awakening map is Finished!

MithosKuu has finally finished his 3D remake of the overworld map from Link’s Awakening. He first started his project on September 3rd 2008 and finally placed and melded the last quadrant into place on March 18th 2009. He still has a long way to go with the interior maps, and hopes to make something wonderful out of it. Hit the jump to see a full view of Koholint Island.