Game Boy

Classic Commercials – Game Boy

[youtube][/youtube] One of Nintendo’s first commercial campaigns aimed at sucking in the adult/parent market. The DS has certainly improved upon those goals.

Shorter vintage Sega ad: Low-powered systems are for idiots

Over at 1up they’re running a bunch of atrociously bad video game advertisements from the now defunct magazines of yesteryear. Actually, most of the products are defunct too. Having a quality that matches the marketing will do that to you. Funny thing is the Sega Game Gear ad bashing the Game Boy and the people who played it is eerily familiar. The ad is from February 1993 (ancient!), but th...

The Boxxle effect

As I sat watching women’s gymnastics this evening and surfing the Apple App Store for games, I stumbled across a Boxxle knockoff Sokoban game for the iPhone/iTouch. It got me thinking about Boxxle, which came out for the original Game Boy (Egads! Monochrome graphics! How did we deal!?). Boxxle was a fun, but incredibly tough, game. You played a warehouse worker who had to position boxes arou...

Classic Commercials – Super Mario Land

[youtube][/youtube] Classic!

Classic Commercials – Doctor Mario

[youtube][/youtube] Witch Doctor Mario!? Ooooh Eeeeeeh Oh ah-AHHHHHHHHHH!

Classic Commercials – Link’s Awakening U.S. version

[youtube][/youtube] Peepin’ through with an ova’ head view…ah 1993.

Classic Commercials – Link’s Awakening

[youtube][/youtube] Zelda!!!

Nintendo Spotting: Um, you got that wrong edition

Kudos for making the attempt, and bonus points for the plate, but you get sent directly to jail for the misplaced A and B buttons. Come on! You’d have Mario jump when he’s supposed to be running?! [DeviantArt]

I miss you, Game Boy Player

I’m currently playing Super Mario Advance 4 (SMB3), which is great, but I wish I could play it on my TV. In my effort to consolidate consoles and still play every Nintendo game in 2006, I hastily got rid of my black GameCube after Wii launched. I’m now regretting it–I want a Game Boy Player. In any case, how much you wanna bet the next DS will feature a Virtual Handheld that sell...

Game Boy named most indestructible gadget

Crave says the original Game Boy is the toughest consumer electronic device ever made. From the article: There’s no two ways about it: the original Game Boy is one of the hardest gadgets ever conceived. Rumour has it this beige behemoth isn’t made of plastic, but from the skulls of fallen Gurkhas. If you ever saw one that was broken, it’s because it lost a boxing match with a nuc...

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