Top 3 Nintendo libraries that need a 3DS overhaul


Of  all of the amazing 3DS demos Nintendo showed at E3, one of the most overlooked was a 3D port of the classic arcade shooter Xevious. It featured no new graphics or gameplay elements, levels, or power-ups – it was a direct simple port of a definitively 2D game, slightly tweaked for depth perception. The result? The game looked a little more fresh – the ground far below the aircraft… actually looked quite far away. A very simple tweak to a classic game lent it a new dimension – perceived altitude.

Xevious stands with Ocarina of Time and Starfox 64 as an example of something the 3DS is poised to be very good at – breathing new life into old games. Although a novelty to be sure, the added depth perception brings an excitement to games that may have grown mundane to long-time gamers. Aforementioned titles excepted, what classic Nintendo games should receive the 3D treatment? There are three major categories the Big N needs to cover to warm fanboy hearts:

3. Super FX Games (Starfox, Vortex, Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island)
The Super FX chip pushed Super Nintendo Games into a world of Polygons, and gave us the Starfox franchise. The 3D effect of Nintendo’s new handheld affords a fun new way to celebrate the FX Chip and the games it made possible. Additionally, a “3DS Ware” re-release of the original Starfox would not only be a nostalgic kick in the head, but a great way for Nintendo to promote Starfox 64 3D.

2. Gameboy Virtual Console
This has been a long time coming – countless classic Nintendo games are going unplayed, and it’s high time we see these games return in the form of downloadable purchases – we had plenty of great opportunities to put these games on the Wii, the DS, and the DSi, but we never saw them. Gameboy VC alone would be enough to push a lot of buyers over the edge – but add in some depth perception? You just struck a deal.

1. The Virtual Boy Catalog
Let’s not forget that the 3DS isn’t Nintendo’s first foray into 3D gaming – 15 years ago Nintendo unleashed the Virtual Boy on the world – but the product was discontinued and pulled from the market in less than a year. As less than 800,000 units were ever sold, many never got to experience what the Virtual Boy had to offer – namely “Virtual Boy Wario Land,” a virtually unknown, but somewhat acclaimed platformer. We’d also love to see “Mario Clash,” and “Red Alarm.” Either remade into full color, or VC’d out in the original Virtual Boy red – Nintendo fans would enjoy diving into Nintendo’s early 3D experiment – without the headaches the original hardware rumored to cause.

What games or genres would you like to see re-made on the 3DS? Write us a comment, and let us know!