Top 3 Nintendo libraries that need a 3DS overhaul

Of  all of the amazing 3DS demos Nintendo showed at E3, one of the most overlooked was a 3D port of the classic arcade shooter Xevious. It featured no new graphics or gameplay elements, levels, or power-ups – it was a direct simple port of a definitively 2D game, slightly tweaked for depth perception. The result? The game looked a little more fresh – the ground far below the aircraft… actually looked quite far away. A very simple tweak to a classic game lent it a new dimension – perceived altitude.

Xevious stands with Ocarina of Time and Starfox 64 as an example of something the 3DS is poised to be very good at – breathing new life into old games. Although a novelty to be sure, the added depth perception brings an excitement to games that may have grown mundane to long-time gamers. Aforementioned titles excepted, what classic Nintendo games should receive the 3D treatment? There are three major categories the Big N needs to cover to warm fanboy hearts:

3. Super FX Games (Starfox, Vortex, Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island)
The Super FX chip pushed Super Nintendo Games into a world of Polygons, and gave us the Starfox franchise. The 3D effect of Nintendo’s new handheld affords a fun new way to celebrate the FX Chip and the games it made possible. Additionally, a “3DS Ware” re-release of the original Starfox would not only be a nostalgic kick in the head, but a great way for Nintendo to promote Starfox 64 3D.

2. Gameboy Virtual Console
This has been a long time coming – countless classic Nintendo games are going unplayed, and it’s high time we see these games return in the form of downloadable purchases – we had plenty of great opportunities to put these games on the Wii, the DS, and the DSi, but we never saw them. Gameboy VC alone would be enough to push a lot of buyers over the edge – but add in some depth perception? You just struck a deal.

1. The Virtual Boy Catalog
Let’s not forget that the 3DS isn’t Nintendo’s first foray into 3D gaming – 15 years ago Nintendo unleashed the Virtual Boy on the world – but the product was discontinued and pulled from the market in less than a year. As less than 800,000 units were ever sold, many never got to experience what the Virtual Boy had to offer – namely “Virtual Boy Wario Land,” a virtually unknown, but somewhat acclaimed platformer. We’d also love to see “Mario Clash,” and “Red Alarm.” Either remade into full color, or VC’d out in the original Virtual Boy red – Nintendo fans would enjoy diving into Nintendo’s early 3D experiment – without the headaches the original hardware rumored to cause.

What games or genres would you like to see re-made on the 3DS? Write us a comment, and let us know!


  1. I would agree… with a couple of those…

  2. Here’s my point about Xevious: The heck is Xevious?

    Star Fox and Yoshi’s Island would be just fine on the VC. A new star fox would be cool for sure, though. Never heard of Vortex.

    Virtual Boy? Really?


  3. Metroid 2, Kirby’s games, arcade ports like Double Dragon and Donkey Kong, a sweet ass 3D version of Tetris, Tecmo Bowl . SNES stuff like Contra 3, Casltevania, Smash T.V.. Mario 1-3 and Super Mario World in a bundle would be worthwhile.

  4. maybe taking tetris to the next level and having X, Y and Z axis’s to play with when its in 3D, although it would be confusing as hell.

  5. Tecmo bowl with the ball flying higher when you pass/kick!
    Also, while I don’t know how the 3D works/looks like exactly but I like the idea of a 2D Pac Man in 3D if that makes sense)

  6. Rampart! Shooting canons and building castles in 3D would be awesome.

  7. I would be intrigued and amazed if they released Virtual Boy titles for the 3DS. If I understand the console correctly, everything is pretty much shades of red and black, which I can’t see the modern consumer really wanting to deal with, AND I believe Nintendo likes to sweep one of their biggest mistakes under the rug as much as they can. Maybe if the experience is similar, they could possibly recycle some ideas or games that were released for the system…

  8. I look forward to trying Xevious again in 3D. I think my problem with it was running into stuff I thought was on the ground, or trying to shoot things on the ground with air-to-air shots. The extra visual cues should help a lot.

    I’d give Rampart a shot too, but the only use for 3D in that game (without a substantial remake into a very different game) would be to show you the trajectories of the incoming cannonballs.

    The Virtual Boy catalog would be fun to revisit. I only ever played some platformer (probably Wario Land) on it for a few minutes in a Blockbuster when it came out. It’d be nice if they at least made it black and white, though, instead of black and red. Yes, having to look into it probably caused some headaches, but the Entex Adventurevision (which used exactly the same display technology as the Virtual Boy, but in 2D, no goggles) gave people headaches too. Flickery red lights just aren’t made to be stared at for a long time.

    As for pie-in-the-sky stuff, I really hope they port Super Mario Sunshine to the 3DS. All the second analog stick was really used for was the camera, so that could be mapped painlessly to the bottom screen, and with depth cues it should be easier to figure out where you’re aiming the water cannon. But it also wouldn’t surprise me if they did a cut-down version of Galaxy, since it was apparently a bigger hit than Sunshine.

  9. I was kind of surprised that Donky Kong Country didn’t show up on 3DS rather than Wii. That game was all about being pseudo-3D. I’m not complaining about the Wii game, i thought it would hacve been a good fit for 3DS.

    How about some Powerglove games? Wasn’t there an NES Rad Racer 3D mode?

  10. I’ve been waiting to hear something about a relaunch of the “Power Glove” for the Wii….i man it just makes sense, the wiimote can actually do what the power glove claimed…if they do make something i hope it is not as simple as a glove with a wiimote dock.