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Microsoft Thought They Owned Donkey Kong?

I know that Microsoft is a very large company, and I am sure that things get lost in the shuffle all the time, but could they really have thought they owned the rights to Donkey Kong?  According to Chris Seavor,

Review: Starfox soars, delivers and makes me glad I have a 3DS

Funny thing: right in the middle of all the current doom-and-gloom discussions, Nintendo’s just released one hell of a great game. Want a break from all the weird recent Nintendo announcements? Care to remember how fantastic this company’s games can

Promo art that makes me smile

Slippy, Peppy, Fox and Falco–are they the Beatles of Nintendo’s universe? In that case, Slippy’s Ringo (and wouldn’t he be more tolerable with Ringo’s voice?) When I opened today’s email from Nintendo and saw this image staring me in the

The Fantastic Mr. StarFox

Top 3 Nintendo libraries that need a 3DS overhaul

Of  all of the amazing 3DS demos Nintendo showed at E3, one of the most overlooked was a 3D port of the classic arcade shooter Xevious. It featured no new graphics or gameplay elements, levels, or power-ups – it was