Game Boy

Where do you take your gaming hardware for custom paint jobs?

Anyone know a good place to custom paint a GBA SP and how much I should expect to pay? It’s hard to play my light blue AGS-101 in public because it looks like a baby sitter. I’m only kidding. But I’d still like to get a smoking hot paint job. Any recommendations, Internet?

This week’s Infendo Radio talks console wars, peer pressure, and Game Boy love

We also identify the first Zelda sidekick (if you didn’t know it already) and answer your emails. Enjoy the show, everyone! Radio Feed iTunes Feed Download links below Have something to say? Email or leave us a voice message at 434-535-2446. We’ll play your call on the air! Plus, if you haven’t already, please support Infendo Radio with an obscene donation. Than...

That’s it—I’m buying a backlit GBA SP

What better way to replay Minish Cap and other GBA classics than on the AGS-101. Just eBayed one. Can’t wait to play it. (NOTE: I bought the original silver frontlit one in the spring of 2003)

Poll – First Nintendo handheld that you owned?

Sounds like a lot of you have been very enthusiastic about the 3DS, but we’re curious … {democracy:140}

Looking to the Game Boy future of 3DS

For me one of the biggest draws of the 3DS, as it was with the Wii, is the ability to play classic games via each systems respective virtual consoles. With the 3DS in particular, I can’t wait to get my hands on some classic Game Boy titles. It’s too bad the eshop won’t be launching until May, but two months isn’t too long to wait for the service. After all, we waited two months for the new...

Mounted plasma on the wall, who’s the biggest fan of all?

Over the years, Nintendo fans (especially children of the 80s who were growing up right as the NES was released) have amassed quite the impressive collection of systems, games, controllers, and other peripherals. Some would call this business I’ve got going on here a veritable shrine to gaming greatness. When I got to thinking about it, I realized that I’ve never met another female wit...

How much would you pay for classic Game Boy titles on 3DS Virtual Console?

If NES games were around $5 on Wii’s Virtual Console, I’m going to take a guess that original black & white Game Boy titles will clock in at $3. To be honest, you probably would have a lot more sales if you just went with $1 each, though I doubt Nintendo would ever go that low. How much would be willing to pay for classic Game Boy titles on the 3DS Virtual Console?

Any Game Boy game you’d like remade?

Nintendo is famous for remaking some of its biggest console games in portable form, most recently the upcoming Zelda: Ocarina of Time for 3DS. But what about the other way around? Are there any Game Boy games you’d like remade with updated graphics, sound, and content? Either for portable or console—whatever.

Poll: What’s the best Nintendo handheld ever?

Choose wisely. {democracy:125}

Infendo Radio 193 is on like Donkey Kong

Do you remember a simpler time, when games didn’t need colors and p0lygons to be great? Infendo Radio does.   This week Sean, Alexis, and Zac talk a little about the game that started it all: Donkey Kong – the remakes, the high scores, and the hot-sauce.   Also on the table? Industry layoffs and third party support.  Check it out: Radio Feed iTunes Feed Check out the Download Links ...

Video: The history of the Game Boy

Although the Game Boy is no longer Nintendo’s best-selling system (that would be DS now), this dated video does a good job highlighting the awesomeness of the Game Boy.