This week’s Infendo Radio talks console wars, peer pressure, and Game Boy love


We also identify the first Zelda sidekick (if you didn’t know it already) and answer your emails. Enjoy the show, everyone!

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  1. Jack Tretton is a jealous tool! I’m 32 have an aqua blue 3DS (my first Nintendo handheld) and carry it to work everyday. I play it in the cafeteria, or in other areas on break, and have no fear of anyone thinking less of me.
    I also have my Club Nintendo calander on my desk proudly!

  2. i prefer the ps3 as well , the xbox has a lot of fps games (dont like the genre) or games that i can find on my pc.

  3. play links awakening now ! , its in my top 3 favorite zelda games

  4. I remember Iwata saying that the iPad was just a bigger iPod touch, and that it held no surprises for him. That’s the only direct jab I remember from Nintendo towards competition, though there’s probably more.

  5. Idk about calling the owl in Link’s Awakening a “sidekick.” >.> He just pops up and gives you advicem then flies away… I’d hardly call that a true sidekick.

  6. Mario himself did kinda rip on Sony. Charles Martinet (the voice actor for Mario, duh) did a “Pinocchio” impression and said “Boy, that Sony! It’s fantastic!” along with Mario’s nose growing after making the statement. He also did some other funny movie impressions, here’s the link if ya haven’t seen it: