Mounted plasma on the wall, who’s the biggest fan of all?

Over the years, Nintendo fans (especially children of the 80s who were growing up right as the NES was released) have amassed quite the impressive collection of systems, games, controllers, and other peripherals. Some would call this business I’ve got going on here a veritable shrine to gaming greatness. When I got to thinking about it, I realized that I’ve never met another female with a Nintendo collection that could even come close to surpassing my own. I have only ever met one guy who had more Nintendo games and systems than I (including numerous Game Boy Advances of every iteration, a DS, a DSi, and a DS XL), but even he had to give me props for collecting something he hadn’t — a Virtual Boy.

I’ll bet there’s got to be at least one among our Infendo faithful with a Nintendo shrine that could put my own to shame. Naturally, I’ve owned more games in the past that I’ve since gotten rid of, but I’ll just go by what I have now.

How many Nintendo games and systems do you have? And can you defeat the collection I’ve been adding to for the past two decades? If nothing else, I’d like to see how many systems and games the average Nintendo connoisseur is sporting these days. Put up your dukes, ladies and gents…

Console Systems
Nintendo Entertainment System
Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Virtual Boy
Nintendo 64

Handheld Systems
Game Boy
Game Boy Color
Nintendo DS
Nintendo DS Lite

NES games: 1
NES Virtual Console downloads: 4
SNES games: 9
SNES Virtual Console downloads: 2
Virtual Boy games: 2
N64 games: 14
GC games: 23 (including bonus demo discs)
Wii games: 22
Original WiiWare title downloads: 2
Game Boy games: 4
GBC games: 4
GBA games: 5
DS games: 16 (including bonus demo game)

Grand Totals
Systems total: 10
Games total: 108

This is the ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny.
Are you a bad enough dude to be the biggest Nintendo fan the Internet has ever seen?

25 Responses to Mounted plasma on the wall, who’s the biggest fan of all?

  1. Yellow bear says:

    1 game cube
    1 wii
    1 64
    1 dsi
    1 ds lite
    .5 ds phat (i karate chopped it in half because it stopped working)
    console games-78
    handheld- not sure but alot less than you

  2. Mohan says:

    Well I have been relacing the consoles as the upgrades have come out. So GameCube->Wii, DS Lite->DSi. So thats why I only have 2 Nintendo consoles.
    As for games only a hand full, but these are the gsmes that I’m keeping.

  3. z-nut says:

    You only have one NES game. What game is it and why did you keep it above all other games?

  4. Chelsea says:


    Yeah, currently I only have one actual NES cartridge – SMB3. I used to have others when I was a kid (Yoshi, Millipede, Tetris, Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt, Dragonstrike, Donkey Kong Jr., etc) but I sold them along with my original NES so I could buy a SNES and some new games for it. This was back when I was a young broke kid and didn’t have any other real means of income :] The NES and game I have now are replacements that I picked up a few years ago on eBay, but the rest of my systems and games are all the originals that I got and played as a kid.

  5. RadmanDelux says:

    Sure, I’ll give it a shot. Never counted before but I think I’ve got a good shot. Might be a bit rough due to case-less games.

    51 Wii
    33 GCN
    39 DS (give or take a few, many were used and don’t have cases)
    7 GBA
    7 GBC
    4 N64
    ? NES (They aren’t readily available)
    14 DSi downloads
    11 Wii downlaods (Give or take a few because of past size limitations and slow internet)

    1 NES
    1 N46
    1 GBC
    1 GCN
    1 GBA
    2 DSs (a lite and a DSi, have had a total of 4. Sadly broke the first 2)
    2 Wiis

    Games: 162
    Counsels: 9

    Entertainment center.

    All my stuff is 1000 times less organised than yours, if I posted more pictures it’d be a photo gallery. I like yours though, it looks better and it seems you have more rare stuff like boxes from back in the day and that Virtual Boy.

  6. SuperOstrich says:

    Rather than list it all out, here are some pictures.

    In addition I have a bunch of interesting peripherals for my systems. Including a couple Super Famicom Controllers, SNES Multitap, Hori Super Famicom Multitap, SN Propad, SNES AsciiPad. One of the coolest things I have is a Hori Mini N64 pad, once you’ve used one it’s nearly impossible to go back to the original tri-grip N64 controllers.

  7. gamecollector44 says:

    As per SuperOstrich, I have a gallery as well.

    I don’t have a bunch of boxed and complete systems, but I have plenty of games. 😉
    I think the most valuable thing I have is Chrono Trigger CIB. Um…I haven’t taken a picture of my Wii/Gamecube yet, so I’ll just list those, I suppose. (Yay, rhyming)

    1 White Wii
    1 Silver GCN
    36 Wii Games
    And last but not least, 16 GCN games. 🙂

  8. Greg in PA says:

    our collections are nearly identical we both have the rare virtual boy, every nintendo console, 2 gameboys and 3 ds except i never got an xl and for whatever strange reason we both sorta skipped the gameboy advance although i do have a gameboy player for the cube, thanks for bringing back some good memories chelse bc everything except my wii and dsi are stored in a closet

  9. Cory says:

    At my local used game/DVD store I noticed the clerk testing a virtual boy I’m guessing someone was attempting to sell them. I was thinking about buying it just for collector’s sake, but they didn’t have Wario Land.

  10. Mike Neshin says:

    I’ve been collecting Games sence I was Six And right now I am up to 1650 some games and 74 concoles including doubles. I also do really sweet video game creations out of Lego and Bead art!/album.php?id=504151210&aid=29664&closeTheater=1

  11. MrMiyamoto says:

    Sorry for being a bit offensive, but what crappy collections. If you don’t have at least a Famicom and Super Famicom in addition to all of the western-released systems then your dukes should be nowhere near up.

    I have a considerable video game collection, but here’s a list off the top of my head of just my Nintendo systems. I’m not counting games ’cause that would take all day:

    Home Systems:
    1 Famicom
    1 NES
    1 Super Famicom
    2 SNES
    2 N64
    2 GCN
    2 Wii

    Portable Systems:
    3 GameBoy
    1 GameBoy Pocket
    1 GBC
    1 Virtual Boy
    1 GBA
    1 GBA SP
    1 GBA micro
    1 NDS
    5 NDS lite
    1 DSi
    1 DSi XL

    I unfortunately don’t have an iQue or a Panasonic Q yet, but I will eventually. The addition of those or a “Color TV Game” system would be the only way to top my current system collection. : D

  12. Caleb says:

    Sadly, my old gaming collection begins with the N64. My brothers and I shared an NES as kids and it’s since gone the way of the dodo. We skipped the SNES and really started collecting with the 64.

  13. Streex says:

    At last count I was closing in on 500 games. I own all the Nintendo consoles including Virtual Boy but only a GBA, GBA SP, DS, DSLite and DSi when it comes to portables. I lost interest in gaming towards the end of the Nintendo 64 era and sold my collection. I had to restart with the launch of the GameCube.

    Right now I’m trying to complete my Virtual Boy game collection. Have all the American released games, and only 3 more Japanese only titles to go!

    Very nice collection BTW. You should be very proud. Time to beef up that NES collection on ebay! 😉

  14. Streex says:

    Oh and…what’s that red thing next to the Wii Zapper?

  15. Chelsea says:


    Thanks! Yeah, mine’s not so much a collection in the purist’s sense of the word. As in, I don’t collect games just to have them. All of my games are those that I’ve played through and love dearly. Well, I admit the Virtual Boy is an exception. I received that and its games as a birthday present a couple years ago. :]

    I believe the red thing you are referring to is this thing: the Mario Nintendo DS Game Rack from Club Nintendo.

    It’s holding my Super Mario Galaxy commemorative launch coin, Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon limited edition laser cel, Metroid: Other M art folio, Wii Wheel, Netflix instant streaming disc for Wii, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes bonus disc, and the “post Wii repair instructions” that Nintendo included when they sent me my new Wii after my original one broke under warranty.

    Looks like my collection can’t hold a candle to most of yours! Maybe I can still desperately cling to my title of being the only girl here with that many games. :]

  16. Gabe K says:

    The Gamecube is the best console. Period.

  17. gamecollector44 says:


    I’m only 15, and I’ve only been collecting for a couple years now. I don’t think I’ve done that bad considering I have no real source of income. (And no, my parents didn’t buy it all. 95% of that is stuff that I’ve bought and collected in the past two years. Only a couple things were birthday gifts.) And I’m not too entirely hardcore. Just kind of a casual thing I’ve got going. 🙂

  18. Nickerous says:

    Oops…forgot the DS.

    2 DS Lite
    1 DSi

    35 DS games

  19. Nickerous says:

    6 NES, 3 SNES, 1 Super Famicom, 1 N64, 1 Gamecube, 1 Wii, 1 Game Boy, 1 Game Boy Light, 1 Game Boy Color, 1 Game Boy Advance, 4 Game Boy Advance SP, 3 Game Boy Micro

    As for games…

    40 NES, 195 SNES, 7 Super Famicom, 15 N64, 34 Gamecube, 18 Wii, 14 Game Boy, 12 Game Boy Color, 62 Game Boy Advance

    For a total of 397 Nintendo games….give or take a few….that SNES number is probably more than that although I have been selling a few SNES games lately.

  20. Streex says:

    @Chelsea :: Ah yes, the DS game rack. Thought about getting it but then I’d have to get about 3 of them to hold all my DS games. Well, that was my thinking of it anyway.

    You’ve laid down a solid foundation for a collection that will continue to grow. I don’t seem to treat my “extras” as well as most (toys, figurines, limited edition stuff, etc.). It’s all over the place, played with, and not protected. Except my video game bobbleheads. Those get a display shelf. 🙂 Again, not protected and out of the box, unlike your Samus bobblehead. I’ve been meaning to crack into one of those Mario energy drinks. Seeing it again makes me thirsty.

  21. JewWario says:

    1 Famicom System (red)
    1 Famicom Disk System
    1 Famicom Twin System (Black and red)
    1 NES (toaster)
    1 NES2 (top-loader)
    1 SNES
    1 Super Famicom System
    2 N64
    1 GameCube
    1 Wii
    1 GameBoy (black)
    1 GBA (pink)
    1 DS (phat)
    1 DS Lite
    1 DSi XL

    Famicom Games: 224
    NES games: 66
    NES Virtual Console downloads: 5
    SuFami games: 57
    SNES games: 9
    SNES Virtual Console downloads: 1
    N64 games: 14 (Japanese Included)
    GC games: 12 (including bonus demo discs) 4 (Japanese)
    Wii games: 35
    Original WiiWare title downloads: 9~
    Game Boy /GBC games: 14 (US) 9 (Japanese)
    GBA games: 22 (US) 5 (Japanese)
    DS games: 47 (US) 19 (Japanese)

    And many many peripherals for all the systems.

  22. Yauy lover says:

    If you really want a “no contest” collection, check out yauy’s page on youtube. His Nintendo collection has seemed to put EVERYONE’s I come into contact with to shame!!

  23. Yauy lover says:

    By the way, since I don’t have the money to buy literally everything Nintendo released since the late-70’s (yes, they were actually making games back then over in Japan), I did the next best thing- bought shares of Nintendo! I own part of Nintendo itself!! Yes, it’s lost a LOT of its value recently, but still I FREAKING OWN NINTENDO!!

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