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Youtube Hulu Tuesday – Shake Hard for Coins
So they’re coming out with a new game called Wario Shake huh? Cool.

The Wii even made it on Saturday Night Live.

Next Wario Ware to Allow User Created Content

The next Wario Ware for the DSi is suppose to allow user created content. According to the Japanese Wii Nintendo Channel, users are allowed to create their own minigames via a Mario Paint program and combine them together. Allowing you

Infendo@GDC – Wario Ware: Snapped and DSiWare Hands On!

Ever since the DSi was announced Nintendo Fans have been asking themselves if they really wanted to upgrade.  The question hangs heavy, because while there are new features such as SD card support, a larger screen, and the heavily touted

WarioWare: Photograph coming to DSiWare

If you’ve been wondering what kind of games to expect out of the DSi and it’s twin cameras,  Pay attention.  Nintendo President Satoru Iwata gave us a hint last week when he announced WarioWare: Photograph for DsiWare: Iwata revealed that

Quick Hit — Wario Land: Shake It Marketing Falls Apart

It’s a YouTube clip, but if I were to embed it the point would be lost. Just hit the link and enjoy all the way to the end. Pretty clever.

New Game Get – Nintendo releases for the week ending September 27th

Wow, this list is HUGE!  Look for most of the release lists to be fairly large from now until the end of the year, folks.  High profile games this week include Kirby Super Star Ultra, SimCity Creator, Lego Batman, de