It’s a Wario pumpkin!


Halloween has always been one of my favorites…

[via Flickr]


  1. That looks digitally created…AND there are no photos of the pumpkin as a whole…

  2. I got fired from a blog once for making this pumpkin. I got my job back though.

  3. Explain to me the purpose of digitally creating a photorealistic fake pumpkin carving of an entirely simplistic design.

  4. PS I know it’s a real photo 😛

  5. if it was fake I would hope to god they could make the W a little more visible.

  6. I want pumpkin pie allofasudden.

  7. “…AND there are no photos of the pumpkin as a whole…”

  8. Haha. I’m glad that people realized it wasn’t a fake pumpkin 🙂 Funny that people are arguing about it!