New Game Get – Nintendo releases for the week ending September 27th

de Blob

Wow, this list is HUGE!  Look for most of the release lists to be fairly large from now until the end of the year, folks.  High profile games this week include Kirby Super Star Ultra, SimCity Creator, Lego Batman, de Blob, Wario Land: Shake It!, Disgaea, and Samba de Amigo … not to mention Mega Man 9 coming out on Monday!  I’d also like to point out to any Wallace & Gromit fans that Shaun The Sheep is coming out, too.  Check out the full release list and links to videos after the jump.

Anything on the list that you can’t afford to pass up?

Brain Quest Grades 3 & 4
Brain Quest Grades 5 & 6
Di-Gata Defenders
Kirby Super Star Ultra
My Little Pony Pinkie Pie’s Party
Nancy Drew: The Hidden Staircase
SimCity Creator
Barbie Fashion Show: Eye for Style
Dinosaur King
Disgaea DS
Hi! HamTaro Ham-Ham Challenge
Lego Batman
Margot’s Word Brain
My Japanese Coach
My SAT Coach
Pipe Mania
Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure
Shaun the Sheep
Time Hollow

de Blob
SimCity Creator
Wario Land: Shake It!
Zoo Hospital
Brothers in Arms: Double Time
Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts 2009
Lego Batman
Lost in Blue: Shipwrecked
Margot’s Word Brain
Pitfall: The Big Adventure
Rebel Raiders: Operation Nighthawk
Samba de Amigo
Twin Strike: Operation Thunder

13 Responses to New Game Get – Nintendo releases for the week ending September 27th

  1. I’m probaly gonna get Kirby Super Star Ultra, it would be like the 90’s all over again! Speaking of Retro…MEGAMAN 9! BOOYAH!

  2. Joshdad says:

    for the DS – Kirby looks pretty good

    for the Wii:
    de Blob looks like it might be interesting (need to check it out a little more first)
    Wario Land shake it – looks good
    Brothers in Arms Double time – is a possibility (again, more research necessary)
    Lego Batman – looks really good
    Pitfall: the big adventure – might be doable (if they only had a video to show what it is like)
    Samba de Amigo – might be the first music game I’d ever get

    These games for the Wii are definite possibilities, but of course I’ll wait until the price falls first, so I guess I’m looking at some good possibilities here for 2009

  3. Ben says:

    For the DS I am looking at Kirby super star Ultra. Disgaea looks like it might be good. And Simcity creator looks like it could be fun but i am not sure.

    For the Wii de blob obviously. and maybe wario land

  4. frstOne says:

    I’m really interested in de blob, but I’m not buying more games until next moth or so. I’m waiting for kirby reviews too.

  5. samfish says:

    Good God almighty, I can’t even afford all the games I plan to buy in that list!

    • Wario Land (although I’m weary of the 5 hour playtime and $50 pricetag)
    • de Blob (I’ll rent this first, but probably buy it!)
    • Samba (YAY Ulala!)
    • Lego Batman

    And for the DS, we’ve got
    • Kirby Super Star Ultra
    • My Japanese Coach (which is the only 100% certain buy this week)
    • and Time Hollow

    So I’ll be (eventually) spending about $280 bucks in software just for this one week!

    Ugh, and then next week is going to be a wallet drainer, too…

  6. DonWii says:

    I’d say WarioLand is like Super Mario Galaxy. I beat the game in about 6 hours, but there were still 8 hours of gameplay left.

    There are a lot of secret levels, as well as ‘missions’

    I’m getting Wario and De Blob.

    Holy Crap! Looking at the bottom of the list above my post, I realized Time Hollow is coming out.

    Getting that as well.

  7. neko to kuruma says:

    My Japanese Coach. Yep, that’s it.

  8. drew says:

    Wario Land: Shake It! is a must buy. A mix of DKC and Sonic gameplay, amazing animated sprites… bring it ON! And Japanese Coach… you have NO idea how long I’ve been waiting for something like that. There’s sure to be another gem or two in the list as well.

    Finally I am getting a little bit excited about my shiny white plastic toys.

  9. streex says:

    I’ll be picking up Wario Land and Samba De Amigo. Already got the Maracas!

  10. rdaneel72 says:

    de Blob will be mine this week, bacause its fun to say.

  11. Seaniccus says:

    if the reviews of Japanese coach are positive, i might actually get that. I took some Japanese awhile back and it would nice to brush up on it in a fun, mobile way.

    That list is pretty big – and there a few things i’m interested in for sure, but i’ll have to do some research.

  12. InvisibleMan says:

    Disgaea DS is already in my pocket!

    I’m also getting My Japanese Coach, but that is being shipped by Amazon, which means I won’t get it in another three weeks or so. Which is pretty fine with me, since now I have more games than I can handle.

  13. Luigi Kid says:

    De Blob and Wario for sure.

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