Even Nintendo admits “disappointment” with E3 showing

I still stand by rosy fanman’s assessment of Nintendo’s E3 showing, but I can easily agree with people who wanted more games like Wario pushed to the forefront of their keynote. The game simply deserved more attention than it got, period.

Nintendo cheerleader Cammie Dunaway agrees, telling VGChartz (they do interviews?!) that “we were disappointed with our performance at E3. There were titles like Wario which we think will be really fun titles that we should have showcased.”

No kidding, Cammie. How’s your wrist? Another of her comments also spoke to the quirky and often random public presence of Nintendo’s No.1 developer.

“We were excited that Mr. Miyamoto made the commitment that Pikmin is coming. It would have been nice if we could have said that on stage. But, we think it was a good recognition for us that we care for our core fans, and not just the new people who are now discovering Nintendo.”

As we saw in that great Games Radar piece the other day, it’s really only those with incredibly short attention spans or grossly insatiable gaming appetites that see Nintendo as “abandoning” anything. That said, the E3 keynote was a weak moment for Nintendo, as least from a marketing perspective. On the other hand, the potential of MotionPlus 1:1, Wario, GTA: Chinatown Stories and the upcoming crop of third party treats this holiday and early 2009 show that beyond marketing, Nintendo is doing just fine.